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Mash-Up Round-Up: Black Panther + Friends-For-Hire

Black Panther Marvel Studios
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]The week of November 11, 2017 was sending Marvel all of the money because Black Panther is already the best movie any of us have ever seen; canceling every plan we ever made; and gazing deeply at our Asian eyes while thinking Asian things and planning our Asian days.

Mash-Up co-founder Amy wrote a letter to her daughter about being her own hero!

Mash-Ups In The News:

Mash-Ups Give Groundbreaking Wins To Democrats

This election round, our fam showed the country that the Trump Administration will not go unchallenged. Meet the women, immigrant, refugee, gay, trans, and people of color who are our new elected officials.

via New York Times

A New York Court Gave Every Detained Immigrant a Lawyer. The Results Were Staggering

Giving detained immigrants the right to an attorney can make immigration court more effective, more efficient and more fair. With guaranteed legal representation in New York, up to 12 times as many immigrants have been able to win their cases.

via VOX

The Booming Japanese Rent-A-Friend Business

Ishii Yuichi is part of a new type of family that’s becoming increasingly popular in Japan: A fake one. Businesses that allow you to rent friends, fiancés, spouses, and parents have become increasingly popular, as the appearance and illusion of love and popularity become as important as the reality.

via Atlantic

Eddie Huang: Why I Denied My Sexual Assault For 20 Years

“We can’t always control what people do to us, but we do have the power to define it.” Eddie Huang is the newest voice tell the world about the sexual assault he faced at 14, and all the paralyzing, humiliating, and terrifying feelings that came with it. We hear you. All of you. #metoo

via New York Mag

Women Of Color Have High Ambition But Little Help

Compared to white women, women of color are much more likely to set their aim high — far beyond the glass and bamboo ceilings and into the top executive roles. But when it comes to actually reaching these heights, the odds are still out of their favor. Without the same advantages and networks as white counterparts, and with the tendency of the bosses to promote “mini-mes,” women of color don’t get the opportunity to reach their full potential.

via Wall Street Journal

Rural America’s Disappearing Maternity Care

Imagine having to drive 100 miles to reach the nearest hospital. Imagine you’re going to the hospital because you’re giving birth. Women in rural America have been left behind when it comes to maternity care, and that goes doubly for black and low-income families. Related: The U.S. is many communities when it comes to health, particularly maternal health. Even on elite college campuses, like Notre Dame, institutions are restricting birth control access.

via Washington Post

How A Muslim Convert From Detroit Became The Godfather Of Chinese Hip Hop

Detroit native Dana Burton made the unlikely journey to the nightclubs of Shanghai, where he helped create a new international genre of hip hop. He breaks down what makes Chinese rap special, from the wordplay to the theatrics to the empowerment of free expression.

via Foreign Policy

I Chose To Go To Public School Even Though I’m Ultra Orthodox

“Who is wise? One who learns from every person.” Andrew Altman (also known as Avrohom Yehuda) made the choice to leave his insular,Ultra Orthodox Jewish community and attend a public school where his worldview would constantly be challenged and shaped by the diverse viewpoints that surrounded him.

via Forward

Letter From Pennsylvania: Why These Voters Still Love Trump

Trump made a lot of pledges on the campaign trail, and so far he’s failed to follow through on most — not that it matters to most of his supporters. Trump remains their fighter, their voice and even their “savior.” For more from White America, put down Hillbilly Elegy and check out this extraordinary reporting.

via Politico

Protesters In Hawaii Greet Trump With “Welcome To Kenya” Signs

The birther conspirator Trump visited the Pearl Harbor memorial on Friday, and was welcomed how we think he always should be: With disruptive protests, beating drums and cheers for Hawaii-native Obama, and signs that read, “Wish you weren’t here.”

via The Hill

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