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Mash-Up Round-Up: Chicken Sandwich Wars + “Lie Flat” Revolution

Large chicken sandwish
The only chicken sandwich.
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The week of June 12, 2021 was giving John Oliver + his team their flowers; evaluating our showering plan; and eating the rich. Delicious!

Mash-Ups In The News

Vaccination Is Making America Forget A Basic Pandemic Rule

Individualism versus collectivism, independence versus interdependence, “me first” versus “we first.” The Vaccine Era has made pandemic response a matter of personal choice, and that’s not good. Especially when anti-vax influencers are cashing in millions

via The Atlantic

The Cost Of Being An ‘Interchangeable Asian’

You gave a great presentation at work? Your other Asian coworker gets congratulated the next day. As Asian Americans get left out of leadership roles, one cause might be too simple: being confused for someone else.

via NY Times

Burger King To donate To LGBTQ Group For Every Chicken Sandwich Sold

The chicken sandwich war continues. Eat up at BK and forget all about that other place.

via USA Today

The Real Zola Is Ready To Make Her Story Her Own Again

If you were on Twitter in 2015, you were lucky enough to experience the greatest saga ever tweeted. The Zola movie is finally here, and The Real Zola is back to make her story her’s again. 

via Vulture

Pandemic Pet Abandonment Soars At The ‘Island Of The Cats’

Over the past year, throughout the pandemic, the number of cats on Ilha Furtada (Ilha dos Gatos) had grown by the hundreds. And no one knows what to do about it. 

via Washington Post

Disenchanted Chinese Youth Join A Mass Movement To ‘Lie Flat’

Some Chinese youths are rejecting the idea of a 9-9-6 working life (9am to 9pm, six days a week) opting to “lie flat” instead. This is the modern millennial revolution. 

via Insider

Unloved By Generations Of Soldiers, The M.R.E. Finds A Fan Base

Meal, Ready-to-Eat, or M.R.E. (also known as “Meals, Rejected by Everyone” and “Meals, Rarely Edible”) are pouches of shelf-stable military rations. Now, TikTok taste testers and modern survivalists are giving them a new life. 

via NY Times

Why Are People Still Getting Married On Plantations?

They don’t know the history, they don’t care about the history, or a combo of the two? Why do people choose sites of violence, pain, and slavery for the happiest day of their life? 

via Buzzfeed News

Pulse Wasn’t Just Another Nightclub

“It’s a home. It’s a family. It really is a place for us to connect and feel safe…I couldn’t tell you how many stories I’ve seen of people who have walked through the doors at their first gay bar they’ve ever been to and really felt welcomed.”

via The Atlantic

How The US Lets Hot School Days Sabotage Learning

More heat = less brain blood flow = reduced brain function. See how your school district is affected by the heat, and how many days of learning are lost each year.

via The Guardian

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