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Mash-Up Round-Up: Crazy for K-Pop, The Story of Q-Tip, and More

We'll always stan for Rain.
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The week of July 7, 2014 was:  Being proud that we are America, considering yak butter tea to start our mornings, evaluating James Beard Foundation’s feijoada and thinking ours is probably more delicious, and wondering whether hot dogs are sandwiches. 

Mash-Ups In The News:

K-Pop Crazy: New Tours, Conventions Signal a Mainstream Crossover for K-Pop

Yessssssssssssssss. Dancing groups of boys and crying girls…we have so missed the Backstreet Boys.

via Fusion

I Left the Hasidic World but Now My Son Wants to Keep Kosher

Ah, wanting our children to be more of who we are for fear of losing what we are, even though we aren’t wholly those things. We can relate.

via Kveller

Video: Obama Calls Tim Howard After US Loss

Obama being muy charmante. We call this “Operating Con Class”.

via White House/YouTube

Census Considers How to Measure a More Diverse America

“I’m all of these!” Yeah, us too. Sometimes it’s hard to just check a box.

via NY Times

The 5 Asian Love Languages: A Cultural Twist

Families need quality time together? Nope. You should practice piano. THAT is love. Also, Lela Lee is the best.

via Psychology Today

The Story of Q-Tip

Q-Tip is a Mash-Up! Incredible interview with this insightful, thoughtful, brilliant musician. Includes interviews with Pharrell, Nas and the Pharcyde. (Can you tell we love Tribe?)

via BBC Radio 1

What Happens When a Prep School’s Black Student President Mocks Her White Male Classmates 

We started going blind somewhere around the mention of confederate flags.

via Buzzfeed

Kimonos Shift From Runways to Music Festivals

“The kimono’s mood of rich-hippie indolence seems to have contributed to its impressive staying power. ‘There’s nostalgia to it,’ said Sarah Easley, an owner of Kirna Zabête. ‘It represents a fantasy lifestyle.’” Yep, exactly, kimonos are about being a hippie (SIGH).

via NY Times

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