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Mash-Up Round-Up: Hiring Fake Wedding Guests

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They better be cool.
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The week of April 11, 2015 was: falling in love with Francis Bean; definitely not getting a Simpsons tattoo, probably; and refreshing ourselves on possibly the best film series of all time.

Mash-Ups in the News:

What It’s Like Being the First In Your Family to Go to College

You made it to Harvard! So, now how do you navigate the social, economic and academic challenges when you have no model for it? Or when you are afraid people will find out where you come from?

via NY Times

Oops! USPS Messes Up Maya Angelou Forever Stamp

Apparently many people misattribute a quote to Maya Angelou that the USPS put on a forever stamp honoring her. FOREVER being the operative word.

via The Root

Being Muslim in America

A series of nine animated interviews exploring what it means to be Muslim in America.

via Huffington Post

South Korean Brides and Grooms Hire Fake Wedding Guests

This is not a Kevin Hart movie. This is real life where Korean couples invite fake guests to their weddings so that they look cool or like they have more friends or family. They even have them pose for photos, because those are the memories you want to cherish!

via Koream

Millennials are Just About as Racist as Their Parents

23% of white millennials think that Blacks are less intelligent than white people. Oy.

via Washington Post

What It Feels Like to Be Multiracial, in Drawings

Beautiful drawings exploring multiracial identity by artist Samantha Wall.

via Vox

Mindy Kaling’s Estranged Brother Pretended to be Black to Get into Med School

Honestly, we don’t completely understand this crazy story. Mindy’s brother disguised himself as Black to get into med school because of affirmative action, even though he was unqualified. But maybe he didn’t even get in? Do you guys get it?

via LA Times

Hank Willis Thomas on Advertising

Artist Hank Willis Thomas has always played with ideas of branding and race. In his newest series, he is delving even deeper into issues of advertising, cultural appropriation and women.

via Art News

Getting a Visa Took Longer Than Launching Instagram

Mike Krieger, co-founder of Instagram, was an immigrant from Brazil working under his H-1B visa after graduating from Stanford when he had the opportunity to work on Instagram. He got trapped in the visa hell many people deal with, waiting for months. Then he created Instagram and sold it for $1 billion.

via Bloomberg

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