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Mash-Up Round-Up: Jewish Zumba & Black Emojis

Take your wigs off and let's dance!
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The week of April 5 was: Jewish Zumba, welcoming spring, and getting pretty ready for black emojis.

Mash-Ups in the News

In Brooklyn, Orthodox Jewish Women Lead Latest Dance Craze: Kosher Zumba

It’s Jewmba and there are no boys allowed. These ladies take their wigs off and dance like crazy. Plus, the teacher’s husband edits out sexually explicit or offensive lyrics from songs. Is it weird that knowing this exists makes us happy?

via Wall Street Journal

‘We Are Just Humans’: Portrait Project Highlights Ethnic Diversity

This artist takes portraits of people and matches them to the right Pantone color. Not only is this great for artists to geek out on, but the reflection of our Mash-Up-ness and our identity is stunning.

via Mashable

The 1st Black Emojis Are Here…And They Don’t Come From Apple

An African cell phone company bested Apple by making black emojis. But then, aren’t the other emojis just yellow? What does it all mean?

via The Root

This American Indian Rapper Just Became MTV’s Artist of the Week

Supaman aka Christian Parrish Takes the Gun mashes up Native American music and beats, with record scratching and spitting rhymes. He finds parallels between reservation culture and street culture. Rad.

via Mic

25 Fascinating Charts of Negotiation Styles Around the World

Note to self: Canadians are looking for a “win-win” and Koreans have an “elastic truth.”

via Business Insider

Follow-Up from Last Week: Honeymaid Responds to Haters with So Much Love

Remember the ad with the Mash-Up families? This response to haters is great. We cried. Again.

via YouTube

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