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Mash-Up Round-Up: Squishmallows + A World After Covid

Image courtesy of shop.cows.ca. Cow squishmallow pillow on white background.
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The week of March 13, 2021 was the sweetest video we have ever seen; cuddling our Squishmallows; and living that mending life.  

Mash-Ups In The News

30 Before And After Pandemic Photos

Super Bowl fans to Super Bowl cardboard cutout fans, college campuses to college Zoom chats, Mardi Gras spilling out into the streets to barriers keeping people out. This week marks a full year since we’ve seen the world pre-pandemic. 

Even as things change back, the environmental, social, and economic impacts will remain.

via Buzzfeed

Amazon And The Breaking Of Baltimore

In 2003, his dad made $35 an hour at Beth Steel. In the Amazon warehouse that replaced it, one man gets $15 and fights over bathroom breaks and unions. Or, the bricks that made old Baltimore build the facade of a new Baltimore.

via NY Times

Dear IU, Our Bodies Are Fine

What does the author share with K-pop idol IU? An understanding of how it feels to obsess over thinness and Korean beauty standards, to tie her self-worth to her body, and to be judged first and foremost for how she looks.

via Catapult

Radically Normal

One of the most striking transformations of public attitude ever recorded, our expression of sexual orientation has rapidly changed. What can we learn from the lessons and strategies that led us here?

via Hidden Brain

Jing Fong Couldn’t Survive. Will Manhattan’s Chinatown?

Jing Fong, Manhattan’s largest Chinese restaurant, is dead and gone. A story of landlords, worker rights, and the battle to keep skyscrapers out of Chinatown.

via The Nation

She Brought Diverse Skin Tones Emoji To The iPhone. Now She’s Suing Apple

Katrina Parrott created the app iDiversicons so her daughter could express herself. Apple said, “thanks for the idea” and made her app obsolete, excluding the woman who was trying to improve inclusion.

via Washington Post

What The $300 A Month Child Benefit Could Mean For A Family On The Edge

Groceries, diapers, homes, cars, better internet — three moms describe how the stimulus bill’s new child cash benefit will change their lives. 

via NPR

Black Trans Women Have Always Been Integral In The Fight For Women’s Rights

Our determination to overcome insurmountable odds despite our existence at multiple intersections of oppression is worthy of celebration.

From 1866 with Frances Thompson to today, Black trans women have been key contributors to the women’s rights movement.

via Harper’s Bazaar

Princepal Singh Is The NBA’s Next Great Indian Hope

Cricket still rules in India, but basketball is growing as a cool sport for cool people. In their quest to go global, the NBA might have their best candidate a player from a village in Punjab. 

via Washington Post

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