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Mash-Up Round-Up: Korean Fried Chicken + Alan Kim

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KFC = Korean Fried Chicken
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The week of February 1, 2020 was comparing our budget to El Bloombito’s presidential ad buy; the TV fantasy of New York; and battling boredom while quarantined.

When Women Run

From 1920s women’s suffrage to our 2020 candidates, women have fought for political agency and WON. What is it like winning an election as a woman? Hear from the 97 women who did it.

via FiveThirtyEight

The L.A. Taco Guide To The Juiciest, Crispiest Korean Fried Chicken In Koreatown: A Brief History

Korean Fried Chicken is the only KFC that matters. If you’re lucky enough to have access L.A.’s Koreatown (or willing to make the pilgrimage with us…) these are the life-changing hotspots that make KFC history.

via LA Taco

A Classic Midwestern Dish Becomes A Talking Point in Iowa

This is a story about Senator Amy Klobuchar’s Taconite Tater Tot Hot Dish. What is Hot Dish? Read and find out. Recipe included, of course.

via NY Times

‘Kentucky Route Zero’ Pays Off On Nine Years Of Hope And Doubt

Kentucky Route Zero a deceptively simple video game that asks you to reconsider the medium and explore what capitalism devours. It’s stunning, it’s surprising, it was ten years in the making, and it was worth it.

via VICE

Who’s The Youngest Breakout Star Of Sundance 2020? Minari Actor Alan Kim

The boy who tipped his cowboy hat and stole the show at last week’s Sundance. Alan Kim is our son now.

via LA Times

Why Is Joe Rogan So Popular?

We’ve all been there — You see his show on the top of the charts. You find out your coworker listens religiously. Even our white male friends might not be safe. This is The Joe Rogan Experience, explained.

via The Atlantic

Black Musicians: Heard But Not Seen

Solange in an Upper East Side boutique. A Tribe Called Quest playing in an expensive coffee shop of Macbook stickers and knit caps. Lizzo in a SoulCycle class. When hip hop is gentrified, Black voices become ambience in the places that exclude them.

via Nerdist

What Pete Buttigieg Doesn’t Understand About LGBTQ Life In Iowa

“We see him donning his queerness circumstantially, in full rainbow regalia when it serves him and setting aside that same queerness in moments of policymaking, where he could unequivocally take a stand for equity.”

 via Gen

The Magical Thinking Of The Goop Lab

Where do we even start with Gwyneth Paltrow and Goop. The vagina candles? The lawsuits? The legit good masturbation episode on the Netflix sponcon show? We’re gooped out.

via New Yorker

What Doctor Who’s First Black Woman Doctor Means To Me

Twelve regenerations and twelve white men. What are the odds! Thirteen gave us the first ever female Doctor, and this season revealed a new version of the Doctor. One who showed fans that they could be the titular hero of this timeless saga.

via Nerdist

Rolling Stone Roundtable With The Youth Climate Activists Fighting For Change In Davos

A group of five youth climate activists camping with the Arctic Basecamp share their perspectives on the climate crisis as those who will have to reckon with it no matter what.

via Rolling Stone

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