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Mash-Up Round-Up: Suing all Gays!

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You can do that, right?
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The week of May 9, 2015 was: The rise of the couture body (booty, really); also the rise of the HamBROglur; and remembering how many champagne snowballs we danced to More Than Words. It was a lot.

Happy Mother’s Day, mommas. Remember: You inspire your kids with all you do. Gracias. Te quiero.

Mash-Ups in the News:

Your Next Food Porn Will Come From Ethiopia

Don’t need say injera to us twice. Tangy, spongy, and absorbing all of the delicious meats and veggies, it also is our go-to meal for the meal before Yom Kippur’s fast. Oh, and it’s gluten-free.

via CNN

Opinion: What Black Moms Know

With all of these “Mommy Wars” and crap, this Black mom talks about what it means to raise your children by balancing reality with your hopes, and just knowing how to do it.

via NY Times

New Americans Face Difficulties Registering to Vote in Georgia

This is shocking, terrifying and inspires such rage in us that we can’t yet fully articulate it. Leaders in Georgia, specifically Secretary of State Brian Kemp, are prosecuting and interrogating groups who help new citizens register to vote. They are spending years “investigating” them to find no fraud, terrorizing individuals, and creating purposeful, insurmountable barriers to our inalienable rights as citizens. They are literally UNREGISTERING people. Where are we? What country is this?

via The New Republic 

A Lady In Nebraska Sued All Gay People

Did she do it because she wanted us all to be able to cite the case “Driskell vs. Homosexuals”?

via NY Mag 

The Price of Nice Nails

We love a good mani, trust, but this two-part exposé on the ugly business of nail salons, and the incredibly difficult life of immigrants in this country, will make you really think about the choices you make and who is paying the price for your luxuries. And in a very nice touch by the NYT, the article can be translated into Korean, Chinese, and Spanish, for some of the communities that might be most impacted by the findings.

via NY Times

Thank the Ottoman Empire for Tacos al Pastor

Oh you want shwarma, but you want it to be made of pork and then put into a corn tortilla with fresh pineapple? Ok cool, now you know that Tacos al Pastor came to Mexico via Lebanese immigrants. In other news, there’s such thing as a Taco Historian and we’re trying to figure out how to get this job.

via The World

“Kiss Cam” Catches Two Gay Men; Dodger Stadium Erupts in Applause

And then we cried. Just 15 years ago, a lesbian couple was kicked out of Dodgers Stadium for kissing at their seats, and last week a gay couple was cheered on the kiss cam. Amen.

via Christian Science Monitor

Fox Cancels “The Mindy Project” 

We know Mindy and her crew will find other ways to tell great stories.

via Vulture

55% of Americans Pray Every Day

Well, they say they do.

via Pew Religion

More than 4 Million South Koreans Use Imaginary Friend App

We do not wish to relive being teenagers! Teens in Korea are using this fake friends app to buffer some of the pain of teenagehood, but actually it reminds us of a very amazing project in the U.S. called theCrisis Text Line which helps teenagers through everything from bullying to the aftermath of rape.

via Koream

How to Keep Our Future Mars Colonies Free of Racism 

A deconstruction of Manifest Destiny, inspired by Elon Musk, this article praises Musk’s brilliance and encourages him to be surrounded by more people with different perspectives. Let’s do right by the Martians, amiright?

via The Guardian

One Man’s California Burrito Odyssey

We do not agree with the conclusion that San Francisco burritos with all their rice and sour cream and crap are better than L.A. burritos, which are perfect.

via Sporkful

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