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Mash-Up Round-Up: We Are Determined.

A new day.
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The week of January 9, 2021 was, beyond the attempted overthrow of the government, also, uh, celebrating our women warrior ancestors, preordering Stacey Abrams’ latest novel, and doing our damnedest to stay in delight. Hey, you wanna see the best Jewish jokes about Jon Ossoff?

No but seriously we all made it through a violent insurrection. We love you.

Mash-Ups In The News

The World Reacts

A violent, pro-Trump insurrection unfolded this week, while the whole world watched in horror (and not a small amount of disdain).

Meanwhile, America reacts to America. Perhaps most glaring: The sickening disparity in treatment by police.

via LA Times

What To Say To Kids When The News Is Scary

They might get their news from organized class discussions or from memes on the internet — either way, here’s a go-to guide to help you process with your kids.

via NPR

Stacey Abrams’ 10-Year Project To Flip Georgia Is Fulfilled

AKA what should have been the only headline this week. Everyone, take a moment to thank the woman who flipped the Senate and revealed the depths of Black voter suppression in Georgia.

via NY Times

To Make Japan’s Original Sushi, First Age Fish For Several Months

A 74-year-old restaurant, a family tradition, and an ancient form of sushi. Rice is packed inside salty fish carcasses and aged for months (and in extreme cases, 30 years!).

“The key to perfect, pungent narezushi is always to rely on the senses, not on the brain.”

via Atlas Obscura

When Teachers See Poverty Up Close

Usually teachers only see their students in the classroom. Now, as teachers deliver homework packets and lunches, they’re seeing the realties of their communities up close.

via USA Today

The Wondrous Rhymes Of MF Doom

On New Year’s Eve it was announced that Daniel Dumile, music producer and rapper MF Doom, had passed away in October. His rhymes and life are remembered along with his spirit in graffiti art around the world.

via New Yorker

‘Last Little Hurrah’ Thwarts Tribe’s Effort To Keep COVID-19 Off Reservation

One “last little hurrah” and one “nice little outbreak.” All it took was ten people on a final night out for the entire Colville Tribe to be exposed.

via NPR

Hard Lessons In Living Off The Grid

Luke Evslin might have been inspired by the lessons of Thoreau when he moved to Hawaii, but the future isn’t in self-reliance, individual solutions, and personal power.

via Longreads

The Secret Formula

Could a glass vial containing three ounces of head-shrinking fluid also contain the secret to curing cancer? This is the life story of Wilburn Ferguson, the man who believed it could be true.

via The Atavist Magazine

Voices From The Front Lines Of America’s Food Supply

A farmworker, a commercial fisherman, a meatpacking plant processor, a long-haul trucker, an Instacart shopper — hear the stories of 11 people during a catastrophic year, whose work brought food to our tables.

via NY Times

How Atlanta Dream + The WNBA Helped Warnock Defeat Loeffler

WNBA players, national television, black shirts, and an all-caps message: VOTE WARNOCK.

I need to have a shirt that says, ‘We Did That.’”

via Time

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