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Randall Park’s Rules for Living Well

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Randall Park, who recently made his directorial debut with the film Shortcomings, is an actor, writer, producer, and director. He’s also a notoriously nice and well-adjusted guy. Here we share his tips for living a good life.

Just do the work. Have as much fun as possible. [The accolades and success] will come — and if they don’t, that’s fine too. Just immerse yourself in the work and have fun.

Make sure to listen to the full interview.

Randall Park Knows How to Live transcript

1. Be kind and love well.

It’s just about being a nice person and being sensitive to other people. [When it comes to Ruby, Randall’s daughter], I think I’ve been less like, we have to figure this out, we have to find the answer to [her autism]. It’s okay. It’s a process. I want her to be herself and all those things that that entails, to be a considerate person. And then outside of that, whatever it be, that’s great—but be happy. Be nice to people.

2. Measure growth in steps.

I know that the likelihood of [accomplishing one big goal] is probably pretty unlikely. But if I move in that direction, there’s going to be something cool around there. And it’ll feel great. And then a new thing will pop up and I’ll go in that direction. And I won’t necessarily get to where I want to go, but I’ll be somewhere cool. I’ll have big general goals that I’ll just think about and ruminate on, and 10 years later, I’ll be somewhere near there. 

3. Save your energy.

Things don’t bug me that much. I just don’t have the energy anymore to think about, Why is this person this way? What’s their ulterior motive? I just think, Oh, are they nice? Are they nice to me? I don’t have the energy for negativity or anger. I mean, negativity, anger, sadness, all that stuff happens and it’s gonna happen. But if I have the choice, then I don’t have the time or energy to hold on to that.

4. Be comfortable with being disliked.

I do have a deep, intense desire to be liked at all times. And it’s at times crippling, and at times it makes for life to be a little harder sometimes. But to say something honest and truthful, or to do something honest and truthful, or to create something honest and truthful, there’s gonna be people who are going to not like you, and that’s just a part of it. That was another great kind of revelation of [making a film] is that, oh, people are gonna hate me because of this movie. And you know, what? That’s okay. The thought of that a few years before would have been really worrisome to me, but now it’s fine. 

5. Do your best.

I grew up with so many issues with how I was raised, the whole immigrant thing. Seeing my white friends and their families and how they do certain things, I always felt like I was missing out as a kid. And then now today, I realize my parents were such good people, and they were trying their best. And they were making mistakes, just like I make mistakes right now. And my wife and I, we’re not doing everything right. But we’re trying our best and I’ve come to the realization that’s all I needed.

Have a listen to our last conversation with Randall (from 2017!) and give his kimchi recipe a whirl while you’re at it.

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