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Here’s one of them!

Love & Noraebang is a fun new romantic comedy podcast set in contemporary Los Angeles starring Randall Park, Justin Min, Francia Raisa and Emily Tosta. We like to think of it as an homage to K Drama and Telenovela – familiar tropes like business enemies thwarting love, secondary love interests, long distance drama, scions of companies being worried they’re being taken advantage of for their money. But in the end it’s all about two people falling in love in LA in 2022,

The series seamlessly blends the camp of early-aughts romcoms with the edginess of modern day LA by creating an immersive sound design and score that integrates K-Pop, Reggaeton, Pop Ballads, Latin Trap, and of course, Noraebang.

Love & Noraebang is produced by Sonoro and The Mash-Up Americans. Executive Produced by Camila Victoriano, Joshua Weinstein, Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer. Directed by Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer. Written by Quincy Cho and Anthony Aguilar. Producers are Sofía de Antuñano and Shelby Sandlin. Sound design and foley by Meni Bulnes. Music editor, orchestration and score by Laura Cruz. Original song by Laura Cruz, with vocals by Jen Kwok and additional production by Jen Kwok and Jody Shelton composed by Jen Kwok and Jody Shelton.

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