Podcast Ep 54: Finding Our People

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Hands up and dance.
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Finding Our People

Part 2 of our Mash-Up journey: Finding Our People. Is it possible to say enough about how important it is to find your tribe? To be with people who you feel truly understand you?

On this episode, Amy and Rebecca open up a little window into their lives and introduce you, dear listener, to their people, including Rebecca’s sister from another mister, Daniela Gesundheit, a Latin Jew, musician, one half of the group Snowblink; and two of Amy’s three soulmates, Alix Steel, anchor for Bloomberg, white girl from the Upper West Side and Amy’s freshman year roommate; and Cindy Hwang Bokser, a Korean-American Mash-Up, founder of Niroma Studio. We also have a sweet tribute to DJ Rekha and Basement Bhangra, the longest running event in NYC nightlife history. Get those shoulders wiggling!

In this episode, we also have The Mash-Up Americans origin story: In other words, the story of how we found each other, and how we found you. Remember: You are our people. Write us! And find us @mashupamerican on all the socials. No kidding, we do this all for you.

DJ Rekha On The Community Behind Basement Bhangra:

Rebecca And Her Daniela:

Daniela + Rebecca = Sisters.

We Stan For Snowblink, And You Will Too:

Amy And Her Tribe:

Cindy + Amy + Yanik + Alix = Soulmates.


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