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Mash-Up Round-Up: British vs American English

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Not in our wheelhouse.
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The week of June 4, 2016 was shopping for Japanese bookmarks; riding in these big ass grownup strollers; and GREEN TEA here, there, everywhere.

It’s Immigrant Heritage Month! Check out Lupita, Rosario, and many more in this wonderful video celebrating who we are and where we came from.

Mash-Ups In The News:

Phrases I’ve Learned as a Brit Working in America

“If it’s in our wheelhouse…” Apparently this is an American phrase and now that we look it at it, it really doesn’t make any sense. And who knew that “moot” means something different in American vs British English!

 via Quartz

The Dosa Man of NYC

Oh boy do we love street food of all kinds. We can walk down the streets of so many cities in this country and find gorgeous food representing all different Mash-Ups. Please bring us a dosa immediately.

via Gothamist

How a Black Man From Missouri Passed as an Indian Pop Star

John Roland Redd was all about playing with people’s understanding of ethnicity. It was hard to find work as a Black man in the 40s and 50s, so first he passed as Juan Rolando, a Mexican musician, in order to get jobs. When he and his wife fell in love — she was white — he changed again into Korla Pandit, an Indian pop star, so they could avoid being prosecuted for interracial marriage. They lived happily ever after.

via Atlas Obscura

Meet: Jeff Lee, Yale Law Grad, Stanford MBA, Miss Universe Coach

Things we now know: missologo is a word in Spanish for a Miss Universe-ologist. For Jeff Lee, a first-generation Taiwanese-American Mash-Up and a non-Miss-Universe contender, the Miss Universe competition offers a career, coaching candidates around the globe. Oh, and we also learned that Donald Trump used to personally select up to six semi-finalists before the competition (called “Trump Cards”).

 via GQ

The Case for Taylor Ham, New Jersey’s Beloved Mystery Meat

It may be a marketing stunt, but Time Inc.’s new website devoted to breakfast? We love it anyways. Read about Taylor Ham! Malaysian coffee! The importance of Pop Tarts! We’re hungry.

via Extra Crispy

Immigrating Into English

A beautiful essay about how we learn to express ourselves, especially in a new language.

 via New Yorker

Not White, Not Rich, Seeking Therapy

There are too many barriers to getting mental health care for all Americans, but for Mash-Ups the obstacles are even higher. For some, it’s culturally not acceptable to discuss mental health issues. For others, there are discriminatory systems in place at insurance and care providers that make it hard to find help.

 via The Atlantic

Soccer Is the World’s Most Democratic Sport… Except in America

We play pick-up basketball. The rest of the world plays pick-up soccer. In the U.S., it’s extremely expensive to participate in soccer and therefore it becomes an elitist sport at an early age. Which is the polar opposite of everywhere else!

via Guardian

Why Aren’t There More Chinese Cops? Because Chinese Moms

There’s only one Chinese cop in Monterey Park, a city near Los Angeles that is 50% Chinese. Why? Well, maybe their moms don’t approve.

 via LA Times

A Question of Racism and the Obama Presidency

This is really powerful article about the profound disrespect with which critics and opponents have treated President Obama and how so much of that is attributable to him being seen as “other” — whether that othering comes from the truth of being a Black man or the lies of being foreign or Muslim.

via The Undefeated

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