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Mash-Up Round-Up: Conan Goes to the Korean Spa

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Note to self: You can't scrub off freckles.
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The week of February 14, 2015 was: wishing we had a tiny penguin, and a tiny penguin sweater; shopping for bookniture; and finally getting to the bottom of that Tootsie Pop question. This week we lost two great journalists. RIP David Carr and Bob Simon. You will both be missed by all of us who respect reporting, writing, and authenticity.

Mash-Ups In The News:

The Chapel Hill Massacre and the Myth of the American Vigilante

Three young people were murdered in their home in Chapel Hill. Three Muslim young people. And the man who murdered them says it was over a parking dispute. Lots to unpack here.

via New Yorker

Steven Yeun and Conan O’Brien Head to the Jimjilbang

Conan goes to the Korean spa. He’s afraid that someone is trying to scrub off all his freckles. Nothing is funnier.

via Angry Asian Man

Black and the Descendent of Nazis

You can’t make it up: The biological daughter of a German woman and a Nigerian man grew up in an adoptive family. She completely randomly ended up living and studying in Israel. She later discovered that her biological grandfather was THE VILLAIN IN SCHINDLER’S LIST.

via Haaretz

Korean Adoptee Is Yankees Top Prospect This Year

Rob Refsnyder, definitely a traditional Korean name!

via NY Times

Part Asian-American, All Jewish

But you don’t look Jewish! Let’s explore the traditional definitions of Jewishness in a mash-up world, where young people proudly identify with their jewishness.

via NPR

Satanists, Odinists, and the Weird World of Prison Evangelism

It’s kind of bananas.

via Washington Post

40 Brilliant Sayings From Around the World that Can’t Be Translated Literally

Ivanka Trump definitely slid in on a shrimp sandwich.

via TED

ABC Greenlights New Ken Jeong Sitcom

ABC’s getting hella Asian and we like it.

via Variety

Fashion’s Racial Divide

Twelve out of 470 members of the CFDA are Black. What can we do to bridge this gap?

via NY Times

The Storefront Maids of Singapore

There is a huge economy of domestic workers in Singapore, pulled from all across Asia. These domestic workers show their skills in storefronts in Singapore, just like any other window display.

To note: Singapore has a Ministry of Manpower.

via Roads and Kingdoms

Roy Choi, AKA Papi Chulo, Takes on His First AMA

Roy is killing it. He’s always the chatterbox, but we can always learn more from our favorite Mash-Up chef.

Also, the New York Times discovered Koreatown in LA! ON IT!

via Reddit

Listen: 13 Podcasts Featuring Black Voices

There’s been a lot of talk about how we relate to the voices we hear on air and the faces we see on screen. Here are some podcasts to help expand your listening.

Also listen: Invisibilia, talking about categories.

via Buzzfeed

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