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Mash-Up Round-Up: Cool Clock, Ahmed.

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The Internet won this week.
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The week of September 19, 2015 was: an even bigger respect for female astronauts; falling in love with this dad and his kid; and discovering the soul behind Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood. Ryan Adams, we hardly knew ye.

Also: Pollos Beyonce.

Mash-Ups In The News:

#IStandWithAhmed = The Best of the Internet

Ahmed is a 14-year-old Sudanese-American who loves inventing things. He made a clock that he brought to school to show his teacher. He got arrested because his teacher decided it was a bomb. But actually, the internet took over and won the day, in the mashiest way. POTUS tweeted at him about being what makes America great! He’s been invited to The White House, Facebook, Twitter, the Jet Propulsion Lab, and MIT. Our hearts were exploded and Ahmed will prevail. He’s such a cutie!

via The Internet

#IStandWithAnn = The Worst of the Internet

Oh Ann Coulter, somehow you always manage to be both offensive and out of touch by asking “How many f—ing Jews” there are in America. Hopefully you enjoyed the support you then received from rabid anti-semites. This was great, tho.

via Tablet Magazine

All Hail Constance Wu

Hey, American Dream! The Fresh Off the Boat star talks about her professor dad and her illiterate farmer grandparents.

via NY Times

Why Asian Americans Have Diabetes But Don’t Know It

Asian Americans are more likely to get diabetes, even though they are less likely to be overweight, because being overweight is what triggers many people to ask about diabetes, and therefore diabetes often goes undetected in Asians. Lesson to our Asians: Ask about diabetes, even if you’re thin.

via Washington Post

Mindy Project has TV’s First Awesome Arranged Marriage

Mindy’s back! In the first episode we meet her smart, funny, delightfully weird parents who also happen to be Indians from India with accents who had an arranged marriage and love each other deeply. And it was glorious.

via Vulture

The Swedes Try a 6-Hour Workday, the Rest of the World Falls Over

Hello, people at a nursing home are getting BETTER CARE because the caretakers are more refreshed when they come to work. Gottenberg here we come!

via Quartz

When You Grow Up White, Find Out You’re Black, Then Have Black Kids

Remember Lacey Schwartz, our friend who made the film about growing up as a Jewish girl in Woodstock who later learned she was half Black? Well, now she’s married to a Black man and asking her friends for advice about raising Black Kids.

via The Atlantic

Colorblindness is Counterproductive

We read this long one so you don’t have to. Basically, studies show that being aware of race, instead of pretending to not see it or take note of it (I’m colorblind!), can lead to increased awareness about how society is stratified and that awareness can lead to social change. [Editor’s Note: The Atlantic is killing it this week]

via The Atlantic

The Graffiti Grannies of Lisbon

Just some 90-year-old ladies making street art in Portugal. NBD. #squadgoals

via The Guardian

The UC System: California’s Upward Mobility Machine

For decades, the UCs have consistently focused on attracting excellent low and middle-income students. Other universities and colleges can barely compare. And these students are thriving. Public institutions FTW.

via NY Times

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