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Mash-Up Round-Up: The Declaration of What?

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Life, liberty and the pursuit of...
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The week of July 8, 2017 was Chance The Rapper’s Tiny Desk Concert. That’s all. Watch it.

Mash-Ups in the News:

The Trump Era Sparks Interest In Muslim Matchmaking Services

Finding someone “who’s also proud to be part of my group” is the way young Muslims are searching for love in the era of Trump, says Haroon Mokhtarzada, a developer for Minder (yes, Muslim Tinder). Swipe right on that.

via Washington Post 

Seoul Of The City: Koreatown In Mexico City

Na De Fo, a Korean restaurant in Mexico City, is a true Mash-Up in the wild. Customers are a blend of Korean immigrants and local Mexicans, whose palates are still getting accustomed to jajangmyeon, which one server called Korean-Style Chinese Mole.  In Ohio they call it Chinese Spaghetti. Same same.

via Roads + Kingdoms

This Newborn Has The World’s First Genderless ID Card

This Canadian baby’s nonbinary, transgender parent is fighting to keep an official gender designation off of government records until their child can determine for themselves what gender they are. God bless Canadians.

via Buzzfeed

Deportation Is A Death Sentence For International Adoptees

“As a child, I didn’t ask to be sent to the United States. I didn’t ask to learn the English language,” said Adam Crapser, an international adoptee who was deported to South Korea at age 41, after 38 years in the United States. His adoptive parents neglected to file for citizenship, which is why he was deported.

via New York Times 

An Oral History Of Lilith Fair

Did Mash-Up HQ attend the first Lilith Fair? Duh. Sarah McLachlan’s venture to create a live music festival experience just for women is basically a who’s who of every incredible female artist of the 90s. When it kicked off 20 years ago, it was scorned by some in the industry — and then tickets sold out immediately. The hype is still real.

via Glamour

Nina Simone’s 3 Years In Liberia

Long Read: Nina Simone moved to Liberia in 1974 because she was still seeking home and liberation. Nina brought her own revolutionary spirit to the nation started a century before by former slaves. There’s so much to learn hear about the artist as a woman, a mother, and a lifeforce. Also, you may want to watch What Happened, Miss Simone? because it’s completely engrossing.

via Guernica

A Map Of The Most Popular Netflix Shows In The World

A fascinating visual of who’s binge-ing what and where in the world.Jane the Virgin is the most-watched TV show in Australia?! Check that off the list of “Things Gina Rodriguez Did.” G’day!

via The Culture Trip 

Spam Celebrates Its 80th Birthday

Any other Asian Mash-Ups out there bring packed lunches with Spam instead of fried octopus? Oscar Meyer instead of kimchi? We certainly did. Here’s how you can embrace all the mashiness of your childhoods in one delicious dish.

via NBC 

Steven Yeun Finds Life After Glenn

This guy! Our favorite The Walking Dead cast member dives into that “weird pocket” of being both Korean and American, turning down roles that weren’t authentic to his lived experience, and what it means to now be a bridge between Korean and Korean-American cultures. We feel seen.

via Vulture

Inspo of the Week:

NPR Tweets The Declaration Of Independence; Dummies Were Offended

NPR has read the Declaration of Independence out loud on Morning Edition for 29 years. Since the advent of Twitter, they have been tweeting it out in 140 character increments. This year, Trump supporters screamed bloody murder at the left wing propaganda that NPR was sharing. Sigh. Let’s let Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos handle this one, unless she still can’t find the pencils.

via Buzzfeed

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