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Mash-Up Round-Up: The Great Mayonnaise Debate

Gross? Delicious? You tell us.
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The week of November 18, 2017 was the great mayonnaise debate; more wypipo try to make being “transracial” a thing; and doing the Ruth Bader Ginsburg workout every day. We’re hot now, in case you were wondering.

Oh and here’s a decoder on Venmo charges, aka how you find out your ex is sleeping with someone new.

We Are All Implicated In The Post-Weinstein Reckoning 

We have been witnessing something unprecedented: Sexual assaulters and harassers actually facing real consequences. More and more people are telling their stories knowing they might actually be heard. What’s next? Examining our own actions, and the system that made this all possible. Charlamagne Tha God and Drew Magary are two men who have gotten started.

via New York Magazine

How Oklahoma City Is Using Data To Make Sure Immigrants Feel At Home 

Instead of using data on immigrants against us, The New Tulsans Initiative is using it to create a city that helps immigrants feel more welcome. Helping everyone in your community helps everyone in your community.

via NBC

Supermodel Hanne Gaby Odiele On Coming Out As Intersex

1.7% of the population is intersex, making intersexuality almost as common as redheadedness! Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele has been a huge player in the fashion industry, and by telling a binary loving world that she belongs to the intersex community, she’s giving visibility to a group that often goes invisible.

via New York

Black Americans Do Not Sleep As Well As Whites 

The “sleep gap” is real, and its history and consequences are far-reaching. Fewer black people than people of other races are able to sleep for the recommended nightly hours or reach the deepest and most restorative phase of sleep and receive the best benefits sleep can offer. It goes back to dehumanizing treatment in slavery, and today can cause students of color to do poorly on tests and suffer from serious health problems.

via Los Angeles Times

200,000 Children Married In America In Last 15 Years

American 14-year-olds get grounded and wear braces. It should go without saying that they don’t get married. But exceptions to child marriage in the US has led to thousands of children and teenagers (as young as 12 and 13) getting married before they’re able to legally consent to having sex, get a driver’s license, or vote.

via The Independent

Can Italian Football Clubs Catapult North Korean Talent Into Superstardom? 

Perugia striker Han Kwang-song is 19-years-old, a superstar soccer player, and also on loan from North Korea. What does it mean if an athlete from North Korean achieves success and fame in international sports? How can Han play soccer and navigate the geopolitical tensions caused by his country?

via New York Times

Mattel Debuts First Barbie With Hijab

Designed after Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first American to compete and medal in the Olympics while wearing a hijab, this new Barbie gives young girls the chance to be represented and inspired by her story. “I know that the more diverse dolls offered, the many more inspiring stories girls will be able to tell,” she says.

via Teen Vogue

The Making Of An American Nazi 

Andrew Anglin is a 33-year-old Neo-Nazi who has made threats comparable domestic terrorism, dreams of a violent insurrection, and serves as trollmaster for the internet’s leading hate site.

In high school he was a vegan atheist and self-proclaimed hippie. He wore a hoodie with a “fuck racism” patch. How did he become a Neo-Nazi? How does anyone? Anglin’s life could give us insight to the conditions that create such a hateful worldview.

via Atlantic

The Broken Promise Of DACA

DACA was a more than a glimmer of hope for the young immigrants who benefitted from it — it made them visible, it validated their existence, and showed that the American Dream they were promised might actually be possible. DACA recipients are some of our best citizens, proving again and again that they are more entrepreneurial, resilient, hardworking, education-focused, and trusting of the American government than anyone else. Ending DACA is a heinous betrayal of that trust.

via Yale Insights

Australia Decisively Backs Gay Marriage

The people of Australia have spoken! And they overwhelmingly voted “yes for fairness, yes for commitment, yes for love.” This historic poll showed that the majority of people favor allowing same-sex couples to wed, hopefully leading to some inclusive changes in their Marriage Act.

via BBC

The Rise Of Rose: Kelly Marie Tran On Becoming The First Asian “Star Wars” Hero 

We are buying all the Rose Tico merch. Kelly Marie Tran not only originated a Star Wars lead character, but is the franchise’s first female Asian-American hero! For Kelly, the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants and a self-proclaimed nerd, this role is a total dream, coupled with immense responsibility. She tells us about wearing a Ravenclaw tie to all her auditions, and bringing her parents back to Vietnam for the first time in 40 years. Did we mention we love her? Cuz we do.

via BBC

Cards Against Humanity Buys Land So Trump Can’t Build His Wall 

Who could have guessed a viral card game could help stop the President of America? Cards Against Humanity is one of the real heroes of 2017, buying a plot of land on the border to make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for the wall to get built.

via Mashable

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