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Mash-Up Round-Up: Hair That Violates The Dress Code

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The week of August 5, 2017 was dreaming of these gorgeous paintings of ladies like us; being reminded that racism makes you stupid; and hooting over the latest Brown(s) In Town. Hasan Minhaj, we love you. 

Mash-Ups In The News:

When Black Hair Violates The Dress Code

Don’t tell these girls what to do with their hair, ever. Mya and Deanna Cook were told that their hair had to be “fixed” because it violated the dress code. When they refused, they were banned from extracurricular activities and prom and were even threatened with suspension.

via NPR 

What Makes An American, American?

Good news sandwich! Good news: Most Americans, regardless of political party, believe that accepting people of diverse backgrounds, respecting democratic institutions and the law, and citizenship, areimportant to defining who is American. Bad news: More than 70% of people who voted for Trump believe being born here is the only way to be American (also being Christian). Good news: Everyone else and America as a whole has become more inclusive every year in terms of what we believe American identity is!

via NY Times

More Asian-Americans Are Facing Breast Cancer And Westernization May Be Why

Can living in America instead of Asia be enough to cause breast cancer? Research seems to think so and culture might have a lot to do with it. Asian families are not as likely to share their cancer stories, which contributes to a widely held belief among Asians that cancer is a white phenomenon. Get your mammograms, ladies!

via HuffPost 

The Justice Department To Curb Affirmative Action In College Admissions

A new lawsuit is accusing Harvard of discriminating against Asian Americans and Jeff Sessions is using this lawsuit to target affirmative action across all minority groups, using Asian American as a wedge group (not good, y’all). Speaking of college admissions, here’s a lil reminder of how Jared Kushner got into Harvard.

via Washington Post

Who Speaks English In Southern California? 

The Administration thinks that immigrants should be required to speak excellent English before they arrive in the U.S. Basically, they mean people from Western Europe should be the only people allowed to immigrate to the U.S. In other news, 50% of adult Angelenos speak English plus other languages.

via Orange County Register 

My Mongolian Spot, Or, Why My Baby Has A Blue Butt

Jen Choi was born with a blue butt. Seriously. And so was the rest of her family. Could it be the Grandmother Spirit slapping the baby tolife, the powerful Mongolian blood that runs through her, or maybe (probably) melanin cells? Join Jen as she sifts through the science world to track down more about her ancestors in her search for the cause behind the curious blue butt. Fun fact: Half of the babies at Mash-Up HQ were born with blue butts!

via American Scholar 

Where Are The Ultra-Orthodox Women? 

These inspiring women choose not to be invisible. Banned from Orthodox magazines and newspapers, they’ve turned to Instagram to create communities about local tabloid gossipkosher foodrecipes and outfits of the day.

via Forward 

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