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Mash-Up Round-Up: The History of Curry

Is it a spice, or a food?
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The week of February 24, 2018 was relishing our rudeness; being mildly obsessed with the new Queer Eye; revisiting our prepubescent Brendan Fraser crush; and trying to understand this chocolate milk nonsense. What?

USCIS Says “America No Longer A ‘Nation Of Immigrants'”

WORDS MATTER. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is changing their mission statement to eliminate the description of the U.S. as “a nation of immigrants,” adding a pledge to “protect Americans, secure the homeland, and honor our values” instead. This is the language of Trump’s America, but it can’t change the truth and history of our mash-up nation.

via NPR

What Curry Tells Us About Globalization

What is “curry”? All over the world you can find “curry” which, of course, is also a spice. Somehow many of us ended up eating Indian food that tasted nothing like Indian food from India — and the British Empire and the spread of curry powder have something to do with it.

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Janelle Monáe On Music, Politics, And Sex

Oh hello, we love Janelle Monáe. She is owning her work and her body and her creativity and not letting anyone else define her. Five feet tall and all power! Plus, her new song is AMAZING.

via Guardian

Why Is Iceland So Creative?

Iceland is a paradise and thriving microcosm for creatives, with one in four people in creative careers and a whopping one in 10 having published a book. From creative circles of peers, to attitudes of tolerance and social safety nets, what makes Iceland the best place to raise a writer, artist, and innovator?

via Artsy

The Boys Are Not All Right

How can we allow boys and men to have a more expansive sense of masculinity? How might it change our society if boys are encouraged to be vulnerable, express themselves, and be empathic? How might it improve their lives?

via New York Times

The Making Of A Black Fortune

The first Black millionaires in America were born into slavery, and like Robert Reed Church, they lived life getting attacked by Confederates, police officers, and segregationists for daring to thrive while Black. With political and financial savvy, Church created a four-acre park and arena that he called a “resort for colored people,” a paradise for Black visitors to enjoy — and more importantly — be left alone.

via Longreads

Olympic Challenge: Korean Food Edition

Mulmakguksu, haemuljjim, seolleongtang, sannakji — these are just some of the Korean food specialties that Olympic tourists are missing out on if they stay in their bubble. If these people don’t start taking advantage of peak snow crab season, then we’re booking our flights to eat it ourselves.

via New York Times

Meet The Teens Working To Stop Mass Shootings

Never Again. They have experienced things that no kids should ever have to experience, and as the adults of their country continue to let them down, these teenage survivors are taking action into their own hands with their anti-gun movement. The next generation is ready to take control of their country’s future and secure their own safety, and we are so with them.

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