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Mash-Up Round-Up: Why so Many Kims in Korea?

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Feudalism be cray.
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The week of January 3, 2015 was: cuddling close to our boo, squeezing out as many listens of this Soundcheck stream as possible, and breathing a sigh of relief.

RIP Mario Cuomo, Italian-American Mash-Up, Liberal Lion, and New York Legend.

Mash-Ups in the News:

Rice: The Other California Gold Rush

Japanese strains of rice have been growing in Northern California for a hundred years, making California the largest rice producer in the US after…Arkansas. Fascinating history.

via GOOD

Latinos: The Last Loyal, Committed TV Watchers

Latinos account for half of the population growth in the US from 2000-2010. They also have about $1 trillion in purchasing power. And they watch TV, especially if they see themselves reflected. Do the math.

via The Guardian

Mourners of Slain Chinese-American NYPD Officer Honor Him With Police Fanfare, Buddhist Monks

For the first time in NYPD history, a formal memorial service for a police officer includes Buddhist traditions such as burning ceremonial paper money at an altar and scheduling based on the auspiciousness of the date.

via NY Times

GOP Congressman Steve Scalise Apologizes For Speaking at White Supremacist Conference

He didn’t know David Duke was a racist, don’t worry about it. They also didn’t discuss the “Jewish question,” so everything was totally kosher.

via The Guardian

Mosque in Sweden is “Love-Bombed”

After attacks were made on a mosque in Sweden, a group of locals surrounded the community with love. Literally. They put hearts and notes all around the mosque.

via Al Jazeera

Who is Black? White? Latino? 

“We use these terms — white, black, Indian, Latino — and they don’t really mean what we think they mean,” said Claudio Saunt, a historian at the University of Georgia. This makes us want to get DNA tests.

via NY Times

Why Are So Many Koreans Named Kim? 

Oh feudalism, you old so and so. But seriously, 20% of Koreans are named Kim. 10% are named Park.

via The Economist

Macklemore on White Privilege in Hip Hop

Apparently moms always tell him he’s the only rapper that they let their kids listen to.

via Vulture

Eva Longoria Named Yahoo Food Celebrity of the Year for Support of Farm Workers 

Get it girl. We are constantly surprised and impressed with the good works that Eva Longoria does.

via Yahoo

Only Eight More Months Until We Head Straight Outta Compton

We somehow just learned about the NWA biopic. Express yourself!

via Rolling Stone

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