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Mash-Up Round-Up: Ali Wong + Jaboukie + Björk

Old Asian ladies = A good sign
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The week of October 19, 2019 was listening to our children whine; making sure they don’t turn into narcissists; and ingesting as much CBD as humanly possible. It’s been a week![

RIP, Rep. Cummings. We will work day and night to see this through.

Mash-Ups In The News:

A Guide To Asian Restaurants, By Ali Wong

There’s a tank of live fish in front? Good sign. The waiters are white? Bad sign. There are groups of old Asian women? Very good sign.

via New York Mag

California Becomes First State In The Country To Push Back School Start Times

Let our kids sleep! The torture of 6:30am mornings and 7:15am drop offs could be coming to an end, and we’re here for it.

via Los Angeles Times

Shaker Heights Has Tried For 60 Years To Tackle Race. What If Trying Isn’t Enough?

Integration isn’t a problem in Shaker Heights. But the problems they’re facing in their schools shows how moving kids into the same building isn’t the same as providing equal education.

via Washington Post

The Origins Of Fake Meat Are Rooted In Chinese Cooking

Mock meats are having their moment, but we owe our beyond burgers and mainstream vegan subs to our past. We’re talking Medieval China past. Imitation meats are an innovation, a science, and an art.

via VICE

Future Folklore: An Unedited E-mail Correspondence Between Rei Kawakubo And Björk

Rei Kawakubo: I want to thank you Björk for your amazing deeply thought questions. warmest regards.

– Rei

Björk: gratitudes back rei   warmthness and endless respect

– björk

via Interview

Qatar Is Air Conditioning The Outdoors

116 degrees in the shade outside the new soccer stadium. And Qatar is hosting the 2022 World Cup. It’s one of the fastest warming areas of the world, and it’s what the rest of the world can expect if we don’t get our act together.

via Washington Post

Japan’s Preschool And Childcare Become Free

Don’t mind us, just exploring our options for naturalization as Japanese citizens…

via NHK

Jaboukie Young-White On Why Masculinity Needs A Rebrand

“Being ‘masc’ is basically just gay for ‘I’m not like other girls.’” What does masculinity mean to The Daily Show’s resident actual young Mash-Up Jaboukie Young-White? What does masculinity mean today?

via GQ

A Descendant Of Slavery Confronts Her Inheritance

“My cousin asked the descendants of the enslaved what they would want to say to the descendants of the slave owners. And much later, when the moment was far behind us, I thought of plenty of words…”

The families of slave owners and the people they enslaved gather for a ‘reunion’ in Kentucky.

via The Undefeated

Bong Joon-ho On The War Of The Classes In His New Masterpiece

“A poor family infiltrates a wealthy household.” An all-Korean cast. Brilliant Oscar nom contender. We’re heard nothing but well-deserved hype for this movie and one of our fave directors.

via The Ringer

Nobel Prize In Economics Won By Trio For Work On Easing Poverty

How do we understand poverty? How do we fight it? We are one step closer, thanks to these three.

via The Economist

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