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Mash-Up Round-Up: Astrology + Asian Barbers

Stand clear of the Scorpios.
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The week of October 26, 2019 was the arrival of Scorpio season; the only good Reddit; thinking about whether rich people are addicted to being rich; and the rise of Pierre Delecto. Who knew?

Mash-Ups In The News:

Astrology In The Age Of Uncertainty

From the apps to the memes to the influencers, astrology has become an unavoidable lexicon — whether you believe it or not. Why?

via New Yorker

How The US Stole Thousands Of Native American Children

The legacy of 19th century boarding schools continues in the forced adoption of Native American children into white families. Here’s how cultures are eradicated through their children, and how we can heal.

via Vox

Asian Hair, And What We Talk About In L.A. Barbershops

Besides “The Bowl“, Asian Americans don’t really have a shared barber experience. On a mission, Frank Shyong toured the immigrant barbershops of L.A., hearing the therapy sessions, political discussions, and laughter of each haircut.

via LA Times

When The Government Seizes Your Embryos

In Poland, a revised version of their in-vitro fertilization bill restricts treatment to heterosexual couples. Meanwhile, single women are now barred from accessing their own frozen embryos.

via New Yorker

Kim Ji-young, Born 1982: Feminist Film Reignites Tensions In South Korea

The movie tells the story of an ordinary Korean woman and the gender discrimination she faces throughout her life. In only one day, the lead actress received thousands of hate comments on her Instagram.

via BBC

The Future Of The Bodega Is Clear

Bodegas offer more than an aesthetic of hand-painted signs, tight aisles and crowded windows. But when “improvement” looks a lot like “homogenizing,” what do we lose when NYC gives bodegas a makeover?

via Curbed

American Schools Spy On Millions Of Kids

School emails, Google searches, instant messenger, notes apps and more. As our school lives go digital and the adults get paranoid, the allure of automated, automatic surveillance is inevitable.

via The Guardian

In Syracuse, A Road And Reparations

A new highway goes up, and a neighborhood of Black-owned businesses and residencies comes down. The highway goes down…and what comes next? An article on the damage wrought by our cities and how we repay those who hurt the most.

via Washington Post

Feminism Is Uniting Argentina’s Left And Right

“The focus on gender equality is opening opportunities for consensus in a landscape known for its bitter divisions between left- and right-wing political factions.”

Argentina is embracing what feminism means: The belief of equality regardless of sex or gender. We are nodding vigorously.

via Foreign Policy

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