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Mash-Up Round Up: Becoming Korean, Mindy Kaling and Bris Debates

NBD, just some surgery time.
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The week of June 6, 2014 was: celebrating the life of Maya Angelou and wondering whether you can “become” another race.

“You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot – it’s all there. Everything influences each of us, and because of that I try to make sure that my experiences are positive.”

Maya Angelou, 1928-2014

Mash-Ups in The News:

A Brief History of How Maya Angelou Influenced Hip Hop

This phenomenal woman influenced generations of hip hop artists. Learn a little bit about how she talked to Tupac and who named songs after her.

via Time Magazine

Brazilian Man Goes Under the Knife to Look Korean

Good gravy. Please, just click to see the photo. You will not regret it.

via Korea Herald

Is Their Baby Really Jewish?

Mash-Up Co-Founder Rebecca was asked to weigh in on The Jewish Daily Forward‘s SeeSaw blog about whether or not a baby without a bris is really Jewish. Read on.

via Jewish Forward

A Map of World Cultures That Recognize More Than Two Genders

In Siberia there’s an indigenous group that recognizes seven genders in addition to male and female.

via Washington Post

You Can Learn A Lot About America From Each State’s Internet Search History

Remember, Google knows everything. They know that in California you’re searching “Meat is Murder,” in Texas you’re searching ”Do I have Herpes?” and in Connecticut it’s “WuTang Clan” and “Dave Matthews Band.” What a mysterious land we live in.

via Estately

Scripps National Spelling Bee Draws Racially Charged Comments after Indian-Americans Win Again

Netflix queue alert: re-watch Spellbound. Way to go Desis!

via Washington Post

The Immigrant Advantage

Foreign-born Americans in the heartland seem to have a huge advantage over native-born Americans. In the 10 poorest states, native-borns earn 84 cents for every $1 earned by naturalized citizens. On a related note, 60% of the top 25 tech companies were started by 1st & 2nd gen Americans.

via NY Times

Mindy Kaling’s Harvard Law Commencement

Long watch, but delightful. And there’s this: “I am an American of Indian origin whose parents were raised in India. My family’s dream about a future was only possible in America. This romance with this country is more romantic than any other romance that I could ever write.”

via Time Magazine

Bonus: Aretha Franklin Sings the National Anthem at Harvard

Maybe we have the most violent national anthem ever but this made us cry, obviously.

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