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Mash-Up Round-Up: Blazing Papillons + Purple Islands

Small, purple flowers
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The week of March 27, 2021 was seeking comfort wherever we can. Literally anywhere. We loved Gabby the blazing papillon; Sunday crowns; and daydreaming about traveling to purple islands. We know it is absolutely not funny but we also can’t stop laughing? Also, anybody know how we can get a tangbao?  

Mash-Ups In The News

Hawaii’s Forgotten Native-Language Newspapers Are A Treasure Trove Of Climate Data

Over a million pages of history are being translated, revealing the first-person accounts of a 1871 hurricane in drawings and descriptions of the destruction. With no English-languge record of this damage, and modern myths of Hawaii being “hurricane proof,” these uncovered resources can help prepare the people of Hawaii today.

via Future Human

How Boise, Idaho, Became A Sanctuary For Refugees And Their Cuisine

Big but not too big, a place where “people say hi to you” — Boise’s not just a welcoming city, but a certified “Welcoming City” for immigrants and refugees. Here’s how that led to a multicultural food scene of new restaurants, pop-ups, shawarma, and doro wat.

via Atlas Obscura

New Zealand Approves Paid Leave After Miscarriage

On Wednesday the New Zealand Parliament unanimously approved legislation that would give couples who suffer a miscarriage three days of paid leave with no restrictions. A huge first step in compassion for both parents. 

via NY Times

Meet The Navajo Nation Skateboarder Going Viral On TikTok

“When I skate, I get to breath and relax and recharge. I know it’s a physical activity but it’s so freeing to me.” Skating is individual + collectivist, it’s shared knowledge + mythology, a place for inclusion + community-building. Watch Naiomi Glasses skateboard in traditional Diné dresses.

via Teen Vogue

How Inheritance Became A Gift, A Necessity, And A Curse

A significant wealth transfer may be upon us. It’s time to talk about the tricky topic of money, family, death, guilt, taxes, and the other complex calculations we find in the inheritance conversation. 

via Vox

Amid Pandemic, An Indigenous Community Misses Its Powwows

A year without any powwows, a year without the gatherings of people from all walks of life, without the dance circles and in-person celebrations:

“Modern powwows are a way to bring the entire community together…We socialize, celebrate and just basically show that our culture isn’t gone.”

via LA Times

Violence Against Asian People Is Quintessentially American

“History has receipts, and the receipts show that violence against Asian people is quintessentially American.”

A letter to Randy Park, whose mother, Hyun Jung Grant, was killed by the terrorist shooting in Atlanta. “The only words that seem to suffice right now are, I’m sorry.”

via GQ

Scientists Are Using Psychedelics To Help People Cope With Racial Trauma

Racism can cause psychological trauma. The use of psychedelics like ketamine are beginning to be used therapeutically to treat this trauma, “waking everything up” and offering a “third-person perspective” for lived experiences.

via Future Human

Von Diaz’s Essential Puerto Rican Recipes

Born in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, raised in the Atlanta suburbs, Von Diaz lived in “two worlds” of her mind. She shares ten dishes that are essential because of the stories they tell and the ways they exemplify the deeply creative and strong people who make them.

via NY Times

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