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Mash-Up Round-Up: Norwegian Babies Sleep Outside & Hipster Hijab

Pro tip: Never judge a parent.
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The week of July 21, 2014, was an awful one for the world. Peace and love, family. Let’s dance.

Mash-Ups in the News:

How Cultures Around the World Think About Parenting

Co-founder Amy wrote a piece for TED about how different cultures parent. In Tokyo, 7-year-olds and 4-year-olds ride the subway alone and they LIVE!

via TED

An Orthodox Brooklyn Clothing Company Shared a Photo of a Woman in a Hijab and Their Customers Flipped Out

Because sometimes we actually have more in common than not. These women are awesome and that neon maxi skirt is divine.

via Village Voice

A Food Has a Historic, Objectionable Name. Should We Change It?

Yes. Like how that football team in Washington had to change its name. We want the delicious. Let’s stop with the historical awfulness.

via National Geographic

How Ching Chong Became the Go-to Slur for Mocking East Asians

And speaking of historical awfulness (this is how we feel about it). It’s a fascinating history!

via NPR

Filipino Laborers and the Politics of Partying

Damn! These Filipino laborers in the ’30s were like, “We are going to buy some fly suits and party with the white ladies.” Needless to say, there were critics.

via Ozy

Do We Choose Our Friends Because They Share Our Genes?

Apparently we share genes with our friends. Except we have different immune systems so that our spouses can take care of us when we are sick. This evolution thing is pretty amazing.

via NPR

Accidental Racist: Wanda Sykes Has White Twins, and One of Them Loves Watermelon

Pick another fruit! Wanda’s white daughter loves watermelon and Wanda feels like maybe the kid is taunting her with it.

via The Ellen Show

Entertainment News!

New Comedy for Mash-Ups This Fall: Black-Ish

For the first time, Tracie Ellis Ross is getting to play a mixed-race lady. Note: She IS a mixed-race lady.

via USA Today

Attention: There is Going to be a Live Action “Jungle Book”

Maybe don’t read the original Rudyard Kipling. It’s a little, howdoyousay, racist. We do love Baloo though.

via US Magazine

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