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Mash-Up Round-Up: H Mart + The Cerne Abbas Giant

Overhead view of Cerne Abbas Giant
It is as big as it seems.
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The week of May 15, 2021 was reigning in some pettiness, trying to get unstuck, unraveling the mystery of a giant 26-foot erect penis, and never making a new friend. (A new policy at HQ, btw.)

Mash-Ups In The News

The Joy Of Black Hair

From ancient Egypt to 1990s America, explore the history of Black hair and the sorcery, choices, innovation, and fun that’s defined it. Have some questions on the basics? Here are 8 things you’ve always wanted to know about Black women’s hair.

via New York Times

The Gatekeepers Who Get To Decide What Food Is “Disgusting”

Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum displays 80 of the world’s most disgusting foods. As any Mash-Up knows, what’s delicious and home to one person can be revolting and bizarre to another.

Jiayang Fan describes the experience, feeling like both a tourist and part of the exhibit. 

via New Yorker

Portraits Of Asian Americans Living In Mississippi Delta

What if you were one of 20 Asian American families in a small town? 

Inspired by the myriad of Asian American experiences, this project set out to interview a community of fourth-generation farmers and grocery store owners for a singular oral history. 

Meanwhile (on the other side of the world), young Korean couples have upped their gift game.

via Buzzfeed News

The Strange And Dangerous World Of America’s Big Cat People

It’s been over a year since the Tiger King Era. Now, let’s revisit Carole, Joe, and the current state of the exploitative exotic cat industry they brought to our living rooms. 

via Longreads

The Kid Mero Talks ‘What It Means To Be Latino’

“Latinos are the second largest demographic in the United States.” This episode of Code Switch brings in our Dominican American Kid Mero, aka Our BFF In Our Minds, to discuss…what that actually means. A race, an ethnicity, a culture? What does it really mean to be Latino? Is the brand strong?

via NPR

Dearth From Above: Aerial Images Of A Vanishing America

Miles of empty neighborhood blocks, never-completed highways, abandoned amusement parks, dried-up bodies of water. These aerial shots turn a changing American landscape into abstract works of art.

via The Guardian

Why Do South Asian Characters On TV Always Have White Names?

Ruben Stone, Carlton Drake, Tom Haverford — South Asian characters get either an anglicised name or an Indian accent, but almost never both.  

via NME

The Lure Of H Mart, Where The Shelves Can Seem As Wide As Asia

The pilgrimage to the lone Asian grocery, to the scuffed linoleum and food of your childhood. Getting spices and rice from a Whole Foods can never ever match the experience of an H Mart.

via New York Times

Why Does The Myth Of The Confederate Lost Cause Persist?

“I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I like it.”

An offhand phrase (about the origins of Memorial Day) reveals how histories of atrocity can stay rose-tinted to those who depend on its legacy.

via The Atlantic

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