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Mash-Up Round-Up: Paper Cranes + THE Costco Shopper

Stacks of colorful paper cranes
How we pass the time.
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The week of July 31, 2021 was Tom Daley’s adorable knitted bag; embracing Sublime, the ultimate backyard bbq jam; a meditation on headaches; and just saying no.

Mash-Ups In The News

Covid-19 Vaccine: How Dommes Are Convincing Submissives To Get Jabs

“Someone who’s in service to us should respect our boundaries…Either you want to serve us and you respect us, or you don’t.” The results so far? Very effective. 

via Rolling Stone

Sunisa Lee Is Representing America In The Tokyo Olympics—And A Community America Left Behind

She made history as the first Hmong American to win an Olympic Gold Medal. Elation, pride, hope — this is what Sunisa Lee means for Hmong Americans, her family, and her community. Among her biggest cheerleaders was Simone Biles, who continues to inspire us by showing her superhumanity, and persevering in her fight for fellow survivors

via Time

In Search Of A Black Utopia

Why is everyone flocking to Tulum, Mexico this year? Some seek a good time, others seek refuge, and a chance to escape racism with like-minded people. 

via Vice

Where Do Poppers Come From?

The little bottles are everywhere, but after decades of being the go-to sex drug for gay men, we’ve gotta ask: Where do they even come from??

via Buzzfeed

How Climate Change Is Making Parts Of The World Too Hot And Humid To Survive

“Wet-bulb temperature” could mean the future existential crisis of humans on Earth. Learn about how the body cools itself, what happens when we reach a certain level of heat + humidity, and simple ways to take care of yourself in a heat wave.

via Washington Post

Lucy Liu Gets Personal On Fame, Art And Standing Up For Herself

 “I don’t want to be that person that is not going to speak up for myself and stand by the only thing that I have, which is my dignity and self-respect at the end of the day.”

via LA Times

Typical Costco Shopper Is 39, Asian American, And Earns $125K

Almost one-third of US shoppers are Costco shoppers, and a consumer report introduces us to the typical customer, who goes about 20 times a year and spends about $112. To which we say: Only $112?! We’ll see you in the parking lot with our rotisserie chicken.

via Business Insider

Marking A Pandemic, One Crane At A Time

A mother and son started by folding one origami crane every day during the pandemic. From daily task to meditative ritual, each crane came to represent much more than days passed.

via NY Times

How The Government Learned To Waste Your Time

America’s “you figure it out” model makes us our own health-care administrators, tax professionals, social workers, and disability-law experts, to name a few. The time tax is everywhere.

via The Atlantic

The Best Onigiri Are All About The Rice

Playful, practical, portable. Japanese rice balls! 

via NY Times

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