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Mash-Up Round-Up: Surgeon General Dances Bhangra

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Dancing is healthy.
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The week of August 1 was: admiring this incredible (!)nae nae; signing up for Team Drake; wishing a happy baby to the Chan-Zuckerbergs; and helllooo, emoji porn.

Oh, do you think it’s hot where you live? Unless it’s 160 degrees, stop your whining.

RIP Cecil. We’ll miss you. 

Mash-Ups in the News:

Why Are Newsrooms so White?

Following recent studies by the American Society of News Editors and CJR that showed dismal progress in the hiring of diverse journalists, our friend Tanzina Vega asked why. See co-founder Amy’s response, as well as those of other prominent Mash-Up journos, including Jay Caspian Kang, Gene Demby, and more.

via CNN

Six People Stabbed at Jerusalem’s Gay Pride Parade

An Ultra-Orthodox man stabbed 6 revelers at Jerusalem’s Pride festivities. This very man was just released from jail for doing the same thing 10 years ago. We just can’t.

via Tablet Magazine

When Demographic Shifts Hit the Grocery Store

In the San Gabriel Valley, cities that were traditionally white have become majority Asian. That means grocery stores are changing hands and some neighbors are having a hard time adjusting.

 via LA Times

Watch: Our Surgeon General Can DANCE BHANGRA

Oh boy is Vivek Murthy charmante. Dancing bhangra to Bruno Mars. Being “the nation’s Jewish mother.”

 via The Aerogram

What I Did When Racists Complained About an Interracial Family in my Magazine

The editor of a Houston magazine didn’t even notice the ad in his new magazine that featured a family with a Black dad and a white mom and their kids, because it was so normal…and then he got a few racist complaints. So he was all, “Bye Felicia” to the whiners.

via Washington Post

A First Kiss, Delayed by Civil War

A Serb and a Croat fell in love in middle school. Then their worlds blew up. Then they found each other again. Then we cried.

via NY Times

One Way to Help English Language Learners: Get Their Name Right

If his name is Jorge, don’t call him George. Unless he asks you to.

via Chalkbeat

The Return of Mo Rocca and the Grandmothers

Mo Rocca has a Cooking Channel show called “My Grandmother’s Ravioli.” Here’s an interview with one of the grandmothers about making matzo ball soup. Are all Jewish bubbes named Ruth?

via WNYC

A Machine that Makes Roti is Coming to You

Sorry aunties. Your fresh delicious chapatis may no longer lure us to your homes now that we have a roti machine.

via Wall Street Journal

“Age-Otori” and Other Important Untranslatable Words

In Japanese, “age-otori” means to look worse after a haircut. So glad there’s a word for this.

 via The Internet

Dallas Mavericks Draft First Indian-Born Player to NBA

He’s seven feet tall and so’s his dad, but no one else in his hometown in Punjab is anywhere close.

via SB Nation

A Day in the Life as Terrorist #4

Wonderful essay on what it’s like being an Arab character actor in Hollywood.

via GQ

Brooklyn’s Most Fearless Hasidic Dog Walker

This Hasid, Gedalya, is all about love. He just loves dogs. He’s really wise about integrating into the secular world while also being part of an ultra-religious community. Also, he thinks cats are assholes and we agree.

via Gothamist

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