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Mash-Up Round-Up: We Don’t All Look Alike!

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The week of September 26, 2015 was: yes, you can sexify anything for Halloween; trying to learn from the wisest, most compassionate 6-year-old ever; and saving our sour milk and eating old eggs. No really! And since we’re probably never going to get tickets, we’ll content ourselves listening to this Hamilton recording on repeat. When we’re not listening to Chris Cornell covering Prince, that is.

Pizza Rat, you understand us.

Mash-Ups in the News:

On TV:

Viola Davis is First Black Woman to Win Best Dramatic Actress Emmy, Gives Best Speech Ever

And this essay gives even more meaning to her “first.”

via The Emmys

Fresh Off the Boat Is Back!

Shaq is in this season. SHAQ! He’s very quotatious.

via The Atlantic

Trevor Noah’s “Epidemic of Blackness” on The Daily Show

Get it Baratunde! Many late night shows are criticized for their lack of diversity, but Trevor Noah’s like, “Nope.”

via NY Times

Black-ish and the N-Word

How do you compete with premiering at the same time as Empire? Definitely make a show where a tony private school wants to kick out a little Black kid for saying the N-word in a talent show. Seriously though, it’s genius. Also where we learn about “Rosie Perez” Puerto Ricans and “J Lo” Puerto Ricans. And, if you’re wondering what it’s like to be an extra on the show, we got you covered.

via Vulture

In the World:

Jeremy Lin + Riley Curry = Peak Internet

Jeremy Lin nae naes with Riley and teaches us how to be cool in the NBA.

via SB Nation

Pope Francis, We Love You

Francisco first acknowledges a truth that is self-evident: America is built on immigrants. Fine, we converted. OK?! Enough with this amazing, inspiring love campaign.

via USA Today

Jews in America: Becoming White, and then Jewish

We often discuss the contextuality of identity and race. This rabbi’s high holiday sermon is about the way that we often seek to become a part of the majority, when in fact it’s our ethical duty to stand with the minority.

via Washington Post

Chobani Founder Hires Refugees for his Yogurt Factories

The Kurdish founder and CEO of Chobani says that corporate America has a role in making safe places and opportunities for refugees, and he’s putting his money where his mouth is. See also: Pope Francis and immigrants.

via CNN

The Science Behind “They All Look Alike”

It’s called “Other-Race Effect” and it means that when you are not exposed to people who are different from you, you have a hard time distinguishing their meaningful characteristics. We’ve all done it. And we’ve all had it done to us. SCIENCE!

via NY Times

Frum Porn Is a Thing. Oy Vey.

Orthodox ladies wearing wigs and long skirts and then getting busy. Literally there is a porn called “Motzei Shabbos.” The world is truly wondrous.

via Forward

Ta-Nahesi Coates to Write “Black Panther” Comic for Marvel

Listen, a comic book nerd is a comic book nerd. So cheers for the Black comic book nerd getting their place in the proverbial Magic game.

via Grantland

Bobaholic Creates Boba Map

At Mash-Up HQ, we are completely split on whether boba is disgusting or amazing. You?

via Daily Bruin

Chicago TV Station Picks Worst Graphic Ever for Yom Kippur

Let’s be generous and chalk this up to a clueless intern using Google Image search. Yes, the station used a yellow star that says “Jude” for its segment on Yom Kippur.

via Chicagoist

Only in Japan: Green Tea Kit Kat Croissants, Duh


via Rocket News

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