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Mash-Up Round-Up: Year Of The Ox!

Hello, 2021.
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Happy Year Of The Ox!

Mash-Ups In The News

Macaroni And Cheese At Monticello

Box or scratch-made, from Monticello to the rest of America, this is a look at the origin of America’s comfort food, and the Black chefs and cooks at the center of that story. 

via Eating Well

The U.S. Is Seeing A Massive Spike In Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

NYPD data showed that there has been a 1,900 percent increase in anti-Asian hate crimes in New York City in the past year. Actors and activists speak out as attacks rise throughout the country: “Racism kills.”

via The Cut

The Limits Of The Lunchbox Moment

“I absolutely never felt shame. I felt bad for my white, American friends and the boring-ass food they ate.”

The kid opens their lunchbox, reveals an “ethnic” lunch, and is immediately bullied by their classmates. We’ve heard the story so often, we take it for granted as the story of the immigrant experience. But what do we lose when we reduce our culinary experiences to one story?

via Eater

Yiddisher Black Cantors From 100 Years Ago Rediscovered Thanks To Rare Recording

Known as The Black Cantor, Thomas LaRue’s cantorial and Yiddish singing chops were recently rediscovered in a record from 1923, after 45 years of searching. 

via The Times of Israel

Designers Weave Tradition Into Future Of Fashion Industry

In the era of fast fashion and waste, a growing community of designers across Mexico are preserving traditional techniques + promoting sustainable production with clothing that can be worn year after year, passed down to generations.

via Global Press Journal

Dear H.O.T., I’ll Love You Forever 

A story of growing up and finding yourself through the fantasy, belonging, and escape of international boy band fandom. 

“Fandom gave me something that was mine and mine alone, away from what I knew, and loving H.O.T. was the first active step I took away from the life prescribed to me as the second-generation Korean American daughter of devout Christian parents.”

via Catapult

Why Are There No Filipino Nurses On Medical TV Shows?

Disproportionately underrepresented in Hollywood, disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Filipino nurses have been America’s front liners for generations, and they deserve to be seen — not only as heroes, but as humans.

via Colorlines

What’s At Stake In The Fight Over Reopening Schools

More than 45 percent of white parents prefer to send their child to in-person school. More than 50 percent of Black and Latinx parents prefer to keep their children in remote learning. When it comes to re-opening schools, who benefits and who suffers?

via New Yorker

Viva! Presents & Stay Free Recordings Set To Release 32 Records, One For Each Mexican State

Show segment + Spotify playlist “Mexican Candy” has been helping uncover stellar Mexican indie artists across the 32 states. Now, Mexican Candy is coming to the physical world with 7-inch records and we’re back to building our vinyl collection

via Remezcla

Alex Trebek Wardrobe Donated To Homeless Organization For Job Interviews

14 suits, 58 dress shirts, 300 neckties and more from the wardrobe of Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek have been donated to those working to rebuild their lives. 

“During his last day on set, Alex extolled the virtues of everyone opening up their hands and their hearts to those who are suffering…Donating his wardrobe is the perfect way to begin to honor that last request.”

via Deadline

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