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Regina George Is A Lesbian + More

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This Week In Mash-Up America

The week of January 13, 2024 was reminding ourselves that will power is nonexistent; nibbling on the the shareable feast of Jeremy Allen White; and reveling in honesty.

The Mash-Up Americans:

It’s Dry January but also dry skin season (just us?). And since real self-care sometimes includes — but is never only —skincare and self-pampering, it seems like a good time to brush up on all things K beautyPS: Don’t sleep on this hot Costco tip once you’re ready to commit.

Mash-Ups In The News:

99% Of Americans Live Near A Mexican Restaurant

As it should be, yes? Glad we all agree. Our favorite takeaway from this very important research: “In many ways, Mexican food is American food, and vice versa.”

How Classical Is Indian Classical Dance?

Indian dance traditions, often assumed to be “ancient and reverential,” is imprinted with the marks of British colonialism. Performers like Bijayini Satpathy are seeking to change that.

What An Actual Kid Thinks About The “10-Year-Olds At Sephora” Outrage On TikTok

Not sure if we should trust that a 10-year-old really knows why they and their peers are obsessed with skincare, but it’s an interesting take on the trend nonetheless.

The Feeling Of Losing Snow

As Zoë Schlanger puts it, for many people who are used to snow as a marker of winter, “it’s a strange sense of in-place homesickness.” Haunting.

Top Five Destinations Where US Travel Dollars Will Go Furthest

Vietnam, Tanzania, and South Korea top the list, among other places. Airfare and hotel prices will stay mostly the same, but a strong dollar means more bang for buck for the fun stuff.

Media Industry Cuts Top 20,000 In 2023, Report Finds

“The news sector has lost more jobs [in 2023] through November than it did in all of 2022 or 2021” across broadcast, digital, and print. Oh good, just in time for election year.

The Stanley Craze: How A Reusable Cup Became The Latest Symbol Of Overconsumption

We’re arguably more hydrated than ever but at what cost? The earth is crumbling under the weight of these rhinestoned, limited-edition-hued jugs. Stop the madness.

Skull And Bones And Equity And Inclusion

“They wanted to tear down Yale from the inside. Then they got into its most exclusive secret society. This is the fight raging across so many of America’s institutions: change from the inside or blitz and build something new?”

What Is The ‘Wind Chill Index,’ Anyway?

It is not, in fact, just weather reporter jargon like we may have thought. The Times comes through with this helpful breakdown of what “wind-chill” means and how it keeps the population out of danger.

Reneé Rapp Still Believes Regina George Is A Lesbian

The star of the new Mean Girls adaptation says “[Regina being a lesbian] was always my interpretation of it, still is my interpretation of it. It might not be other people’s, and I truly don’t care.” We love this for them both.

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