Case Study: Design x Exclusion Conference

Automattic and the MIT Media Lab teamed up to produce an online audio conference called Design x Exclusion aimed at the design community and tech media.

The topic they wanted to explore: How technology and design can exclude people, and what the solutions might be.

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The challenge: developing on-brand, informative, inclusive content for a sophisticated global audience in an audio-only format.

This first-of-its-kind audio conference in 2017 was at the leading edge of using audio and remote technology to bring people together. The panels were recorded and produced in advance, but the audio became available at a precise time for a shared listening experience. This allowed for a parallel conversation on social, listening parties at companies, maximum accessibility and culminated in a live panel discussion.

Drawing on our expertise as radio and podcast producers, we conceptualized, researched, booked, scripted, and produced four hours of panels, keynotes, and supplementary audio content.

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Buzz about the conference began before it launched and continued for several weeks, as content was shared on social media and in a series of articles on TechCrunch.

Mash-Up co-founder Amy S. Choi served as the event’s host, kicking off the conference with a one-on-one conversation with
John Maeda , then introducing speakers and moderating panels. She also moderated a live video session after the conference wrapped, incorporating questions generated from social media during the sessions.

Over 7,000 people tuned in to the conference on release day, including entire teams from Google, Spotify, Apple, and MailChimp. We reached people in dozens of countries, from the United Kingdom to India to New Zealand.

If you want to learn more about our process head here.

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