Podcast Ep 24: How To Be A Lady Bawse

Freya Estreller and Natasha Case on werk.
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How To Be A Lady Bawse

Family is made in all kinds of ways — and so is business, and so is ice cream. Duh. Freya Estreller and Natasha Case, the unstoppable married Mash-Up couple behind Coolhaus Ice Cream and Ludlows Cocktails Co., talk entrepreneurship, feeding Joe Biden ice cream sandwiches at the White House, and how they chose their sperm donor. It’s getting hot in herre!

Natasha Case + Freya Estreller

Natasha + Freya, entrepreneurs extraordinaires

Freya on how growing up in an immigrant family shaped her entrepreneurship:

My dad’s entrepreneurial spirit highly motivated me and presented an example that I could do my own thing and have a lifestyle of flexibility instead of the usual 9-5. My parents are divorced, and my mom, who now works at the mayor’s office, was a working professional single mom. So I had two great examples.

Natasha on telling her family she was marrying a woman:

I had gone so far out of the box with Freya than what was expected, so when I told my family that we were engaged and getting married, there was no “Oh, but she could have brought home a Jew.” I gave them so much other exciting stuff to process, there was no questions asked after that point. My mom did faint in the sand when she saw my engagement ring. I think that was good!

Need Some Lady Jamz? We Got You:

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