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$500,000 + Gimbap = Maximum Happiness

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This Week In Mash-Up America

The week of March 11, 2023 was watching Pedro Pascal conquer the wings of death; wondering how Ma and Pa would do in Echo Park; and applying to Yale to study weed.

Throwback: Hasan Minhaj On The American Dream Tax

As we watch his segment with Gen Alpha, we’re throwing back to 2016, when the love of our lives came to our studios to talk guilt, the American Dream, hip hop, his infamous Congressional mic drop, and more.

Mash-Ups In The News:

Can Money Buy Happiness? Scientists Say Yes

If you’re rich and miserable, more money won’t help. For anyone making less than $500,000 a year though … yeah, you could be happier. WE KNEW IT!

Ajumma Dance Crew Breaks Down Stereotypes, One Move At A Time

Ajumma is the Korean term for a woman between her 30s and 70s, and the Ajumma EXP crew is brightly celebrating that identity with funk, fun, and flash mobs.

The Family Who Tried To End Racism Through Adoption

In the 1970s, Bob and Sheryl Guterl raised their two biological sons alongside four children adopted from Korea, Vietnam, and the South Bronx. Now, one of their sons reckons with the social experiment of his white parents and the troubling story of his family.

Gorp Is Fine, But How About Gimbap?

A sunset view and a Saran-wrapped, veggie-stuffed gimbap. Is anything better than this? 

Inside New Balance’s Plans To Topple The Global Sneaker Hierarchy 

The evolution of the 990, and how America’s “most sensible sneaker brand” has captured the zeitgeist in our decidedly nonsensical times. 

Did You Know Ron DeSantis Tortured People At Guantanamo? Us Either.

A discussion between Mike Prysner, an Iraq War veteran, and Mansoor Adayfi, a former detainee at Guantánamo Bay.

Meet The Queen Bee Of Victorian Abortionists

Newly released and painfully timely, the biography of Madame Restell tells the life and story of the notorious and fearless “abortionist of Fifth Avenue.”

Catholic Group Spent Millions On App Data That Tracked Gay Priests

Criticized as weaponized, anti-gay surveillance, this story also reveals the myth of anonymous data online, and how private information can be sold, bought, and used against us by anyone.

How ‘Spirited Away’s’ Oscar Win Exposed The Academy

In 2003, Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece won the Best Animated Feature Oscar. A triumph over the “America First” bias prevalent at the time, the movie’s cultural impact changed the award — and the U.S. film industry — forever.

A World Without Men: Inside South Korea’s 4B Movement

4B: Being a Beautiful Badass Boss. The movement, growing across social media, is a rejection of traditional beauty standards and long-held gender norms in South Korean society.

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