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Mash-Up Round-Up: Lindsay Lohan Goes To Korea

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What is even happening.
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The week of December 9, 2017 was wondering if we should spend less time with our kids; surrendering to our spider overlords; shopping at Patagonia; and bowing down to Dolly Parton, goddess, philanthropist, and economic security trailblazer. 

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Where Does Innovation Come From? Marginalized Communities 

All humans are capable of world-changing, ground-breakinginnovation — but not all humans are given the chance! Innovation is what most improves our world, so locking certain groups out of the lab does nothing but hurt us. Our next Einstein and Musk are Black and Hispanic kids in low-income schools.

via Vox

The Languages That Take The Least And The Most Time To Learn 

It’s never too late to learn a new language, and while the task seems daunting, the skill can enrich your life and connection to the world. Some take years of intensive practice for Americans to learn, while others can be tackled in less than a year. If you’re a polyglot, see how your languages stack up!

via Quartz

An Investigation Into Lindsay Lohan And Her Enormous Korean Bodybuilder … Friend

Lindsay Lohan has been hanging out with the “Korean Hulk,” Je-yongHa, and we have more than a few questions. Firstly, are his arms really that big?? Wow. It’s an unlikely friendship, and we’re grateful for New York‘s investigation into the issue.

via New York Magazine

The Clergy Battling White Supremacy

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, an interfaith group of religious leaders joined together to form a counterprotest against white supremacists and Neo-Nazis. Joining activists and learning to defend against violence, these faith leaders are working to protect their community and fight against America’s original sin.

via CBS News

Who Gets To Decide What Assimilation Means? 

What does “assimilation” mean in a country of immigrants? The literal definition is “becoming part of something larger,” but it’s clearly not so simple. In our American “melting pot,” who is actually assimilating, and assimilating to what?

via PRI

Inside Mexico City’s Jewish Food Paradise 

Enchiladas with queso, kosher salami, cream cheese, and piquant sauces tastes “like a beautiful accident—two traditions of cuisine married in their most elemental forms.” When Ashkenazi food came to Mexico, it was given the color and flavor it was destined for. Pilgrimage to Klein’s in Mexico City, anyone?

via Vice

Paddington Bear, Refugee

Paddington Bear’s story is an immigrant story, and in each book andmovie we watch his precarious journey, struggling as a new arrival before receiving embraces of acceptance. Paddington not only reflects London’s curious love of bears, but also the city’s burgeoning status as a multicultural metropolis.

via New Yorker

Oldie But Goodie: How Did Fruitcake Become A Slur?

Fruitcakes are the indestructible, sodden mounds of dough we discretely toss in the trash at holidays (or use as doorstops and paperweights if we’re inventive). But the fruitcake as both a reviled food and an outdated slur for queerness has a long history, and while most Americans would push it to the side, Mayukh Sen wants to embrace the festive dessert and unpack its dense layers of meaning.

via Food52

Black Women Suffer Disproportionately High Rates Of Maternal Mortality In America

Shalon Irving was an epidemiologist and expert on racial disparities in health care. She died three weeks after giving birth, yet another victim in a maternal mortality epidemic that kills Black mothers at four times the rate as white mothers in America. The discrimination that Black women experience their whole lives, can also cost them their lives.

via Propublica

Americans Are Less Happy, Experiencing More Physical Pain 

We’re not doing so good fam. Apparently, it hurts to be an American, both emotionally and physically — and it’s only getting worse. Are Americans just more likely to complain? Probably, but more importantly, the poor access to healthcare means that those complaints go unsolved.

via Washington Post

The Silence Breakers

The movement that’s led to earned and deserved backlash against sexual harassers didn’t come from nowhere. It was thanks to the incredible acts of courage by individuals like Tarana Burke, who stood their ground and inspired the world to speak up and let their stories be heard and counted.

via Time

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