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Mash-Up Round-Up: Stop Refrigerating Your Eggs!

Warm eggs for all!
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The week of September 13, 2014 was: asking our dog so many questions; pledging allegiance to coconut water; and obsessing over Audrey Hepburn’s tattoos. Oh, and btw, scientists just mapped out the cosmos and our galaxy is mere speck on the edge of the universe. No bigs. 

Mash-Ups in the News:

Aziz Ansari’s Parents Took a Very Cute Photo With Beyonce & Jay-Z

Aziz’s dad is rarely impressed with him, so hopefully getting to hug Jay-Z changed that. Cross your fingers that this is part of a series called “My parents with celebrities”.

via AV Club

The Not-So-Relatable Boyhood

The epic Richard Linklater film, made over 12 years, follows a boy in real time. It’s a wonderful portrayal of adolescence. An adolescence that only has white people in it.

 via The Atlantic

Why Won’t Italians Have Cappuccino After Dinner?

We call this a bubbe-meise. It turns out Italians are obsessed with digestion, and cappuccinos make you gassy (it’s the milk). Italians fart?!

via NY Mag

From Challah to Jalapeños, Latin American Jews Redefine a Culinary Heritage

We knew this a million years ago. But yes, we too would love to try Yuca Challah.

via Tablet Magazine

In Korea, Adoptees Fight to Change Culture That Sent Them Overseas

Long Read: After the Korean War over 160,000 children were sent to the West to be adopted, as a way of cleansing the country of mixed race kids. There is a huge cultural barrier to accepting adoption within Korea.

 via NPR

What Happened When a Biracial Woman was Photoshopped in 18 Different Countries

We’re loving this photoshopping around the world meme. All we will say is, Algeria seems like magic.

via Huffington Post

After 9/11, Minorities Bear the Burden of Proving Their Patriotism

Dude. Don’t they realize we’re the MOST patriotic of all? We fought by tooth and nail to be here.

via NBC News

Why the US Chills its Eggs and the Rest of the World Doesn’t

Something to do with washing them? And salmonella? But we are taking this to heart and are no longer refrigerating our huevos.

 via NPR

Black Women and Their Doctors Speak Two Different Languages

Bodies! Black women are far more likely to be overweight or obese than other women according to medical standards, but many would not identify themselves that way.

via NY Mag

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