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Mash-Up Round-Up: Elderly Asians are Bawse & Mexican Shawarma

Don't mess with this guy.
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Week of January 17, 2014 was: two long pieces about elderly Asians; not sure if this is a new beat for the New York Times, but we are a receptive audience.  We also learned the root of the word Al Pastor. 

Mash-Ups In The News:

Elderly Korean Men in Queens are Using a McDonald’s as a Senior Center, and Mickey D’s Isn’t Cool With That

Here’s a story about a group of Korean seniors in Flushing who go to McDonald’s every day, buy one order of small fries and sit and gossip for hours. The police come and kick them out, and they just come right back. Did you read Blue Zones? Apparently gossiping extends your life…

via NY Times

22 Signs you Grew up in a Latino Household

These are pretty Catholic skewing for us Latin Jews, but we have to agree on a lot of them…specifically 11. Drinking Cafe Con leche since you were in diapers and 12. Your mami has been making coffee with this since you were born. (Ours even brings it in her suitcase on trips…)

via Cosmopolitan

As Parents Age, Asian-Americans Struggle to Obey a Cultural Code

Asian Americans (and Hispanic Americans) have deeply ingrained cultural expectations of caring for their parents as they age. Now there is a new landscape of support services cropping up.

via NY Times

Lupita Nyong’o

Nuff Said.

via Huffington Post

Who is a Jew? Competing Answers to an Increasingly Pressing Question

The Economist beautifully summarizes the different perspectives on how people see jewishness and jewish identity today. It’s nearly talmudic in the way it acknowledges so many perspectives at one time.

via The Economist

NPR’s Codeswitch’s Monthlong Series on Cross Cultural Love

We used to have a “First Asian” dating rule, as in, we have to be the first asian you have dated.

via NPR

Al Pastor is Basically Mexican Shawarma

No wonder we love both so much. These chile and pineapple marinated sliced pork tacos are the perfect Mash-Up Food. Our friend Surf City Writer  taught us that Al Pastor tacos came from Lebanese immigrants in Mexico. They are very closely linked to Tacos Arabe, which were often lamb or beef as opposed to pork.

via Surf City Writer

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