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Mash-Up Round-Up: Quarantine Laughs + Weirdnesses

Celebrating the (tiny) wins.
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The week of April 18, 2020 was the recognition that we have been in this quarantine business for more than a month. What?!

So we’re celebrating the tiny laughs and weirdnesses helping us survive. What’s making you laugh? 

Maryland Police Remind Residents To Wear Pants To Mailbox

We can all agree that pants are optional and bras are illegal during quarantine. But did we ever think we’d fantasize about wearing pants again?

via USA Today

93-Year-Old’s Plea For More Beer During Coronavirus Lockdown

via WROR

All The Fancy Dinners Justin Theroux Has Had With His Dog In Quarantine

“Counterfeit vegetarian @innout sliders” with Japanese sweet potato spicy fries with black sesame.” We’re approaching four days of instant ramen dinners and we’re jealous of this dog’s meal plan.

via US Magazine

Priya Krishna Gets Strawberries Dropped on Her Desk

Listening to Reply All on your walk around the block, making dinner with your parents, doing puzzles, and eating an endless supply of cut fruit. If you’ve found yourself quarantining in your childhood home, this one’s for you.

via Grub Street

Every Day Is National Horny Day Now

April 16th is the official day, but let’s be real. Indulge in those thirst traps and tweets for the rest of 2020. We deserve it.

via Jezebel

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