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Mash-Up Round-Up: 6 Things Not to Do at a Sushi Restaurant

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Just say NO to California Rolls
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The week of November 14, 2015 was all about racial tensions on college campuses; evangelists seeing red over Starbuck’s naked holiday cups; and Missy Elliott’s first single in three years — we dare you to sit still. Pssst, bros: that can of Rock Star won’t actually make you one. And this South Korean high school girl has some serious soul. (You will cry.)

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Mash-Ups In The News:

Oy or Yo? New Sculpture in New York Says it All

Uch, we LOVE this new sculpture in New York that is peak Mashiness: from one side it says “Yo,” and from the other side it says “Oy.” As Mash-Ups, we’re both “Oy” people and “Yo” people.

via NY Times

Anthony Bourdain’s 6 Things You Should Never Do at a Sushi Restaurant

Do not order a California roll. Seriously. Oh, and do dip the fish side down into the soy sauce because you don’t want all the rice falling apart.

via Yahoo

Even Planes Stop Flying for South Korea’s National Exam Day

South Korea takes tests very seriously. Imagine if everyone in the U.S. took the SATs the same day, but the SATs took eight hours instead of three, and if you were running late you could call a free police escort. Yep.

via NPR

Aziz Ansari on Acting, Race and Hollywood

“Even at a time when minorities account for almost 40 percent of the American population, when Hollywood wants an ‘everyman,’ what it really wants is a straight white guy. But a straight white guy is not every man. The ‘everyman’ is everybody.” Word.

Besides being the year of Asians on TV,  Aziz reminds us to call our parents because they really made things happen for us.

via NY Times

Emoji Diversity: It’s For Real

It’s all about that unconscious feeling of not being represented. Emojis are starting to get on board to represent all of our Mash-Up glory! They added synagogues and mosques. They added tacos! We’re still waiting on joloff rice and kimchi.

via Wired

How to Adopt a Baby Through Instagram

A young queer couple in Mississippi can’t adopt because it’s illegal for gay couples to adopt in that state, so they are adopting a baby through someone they met on Instagram. Technology, amiright?

via The Atlantic

“I Stand Here as a Proud Black Gay Man”

“There’s danger in the either/or.” Black Lives Matter leader Deray McKesson talks about what it means to be Black and gay and how being confident in all your identities makes all the difference in the world.

via Fusion

Kids Don’t Need Religion to Show Moral Behavior? Amen to That

A new study shows that children who are brought up religious tend to exhibit less moral behavior than their secular classmates.

via LA Times

Inside the Asian Men Black Women Dating Scene

Actually, it has a nickname: AMBW. It’s a thing that may stem from both Asian men and Black women being cast in our online dating society as the least dateable, based on incredibly lame stereotypes.

via Vice

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