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Mash-Up Round-Up: Tiger Moms & Goyish Girlfriends

It's the year of the horse y'all!
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The week of January 31, 2014 was: Amy Chua’s Op Ed, prominent mixed couples, and a tiny Korean chick who eats SO MUCH food every night on her computer for an audience.

Mash-Ups in the News:

What Drives Success: Tiger Mom is Back

We’ve said this about Amy Chua (Tiger Mom) and her newest writings on why some ethnic groups are more successful than others, and we will say it again: Half of us are like “Woohoo! We’re exceptional!” and the other half are like, “Ruh Roh….slippery slope my friend.”  Please read and tell us what you think.

via NY Times

National Flags Made from each Country’s Traditional Foods

This is so delightful! A photographer recreated flags using food. WARNING: You will become very, very hungry.  We were partial to French, Indian and Vietnamese.

via Marvelous

Netanyahu’s Son has a Goyish Girlfriend 

Israeli PM’s son has a non-Jewish gf. Putting our feelings about Bibi to the side, interesting to see the religious leaders in Israel get their panties in a bunch about this, calling it a “National Issue”.

via JTA

Cheerios makes sequel to “controversial” ad with interracial family & buys first ever spot in the Super Bowl. 

What they are basically saying is “Eff all you haters, not only does this reflect the American Family, but it’s only going to keep going in this direction.” Now all we need is Gluten Free Cheerios and we will buy them for life. Check out the original ad here.

via AdAge

Old Koreans at McDonald’s: As Analyzed by Architects

Well, we learned this week that there is such a term as NORC: Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities and the Korean Mickey D’s is one of them. it has all the right weaponry: Windows, long tables and a great location.

via NY Times

This Woman Makes $9000 a Month Eating in Front of a Webcam

Called ‘Meok-Bang’ watching someone eat live on video is a trend in Korea. #1: How does she stay slim?  #2: People on diets watch her eat instead of eating [Editor’s Note: Nope.]  Also, in the next 15 years 1 person households will make up 1/3 of Korean households. Maybe these apartments will be built with a video screen wall like a Cisco Telepresence Conference room but it will a dining room and everyone eats together virtually [Editor’s Note: This is me patenting this idea]

via Huffington Post


The Changs Next Door to the Diazes: Remapping Race in Suburban California

8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about the Year of the Horse

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