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¡Dame Más Gasolina!

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This Week In Mash-Up America

The week of April 22, 2023 was embracing pleather, absorbing the goop cruise, planning our forest bunker, and weeping over this eagle dad

Podcast Throwback: Bubbes Know Best

What is your bubbe meise? In this episode, we visited this question with some of our favorite past guests. Plus, hear from Phil Yu, aka The Angry Asian Man, and his esteemed wife, Joanna Lee, and be blessed with so much wisdom from  food historian Michael Twitty.

Mash-Ups In The News:

Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina” Makes Library Of Congress History

The Library of Congress announced its annual list of 25 songs that will be preserved in our country’s cultural archive. “Gasolina” is now the first reggaeton song on the registry.

Why Right-Wingers Are So Afraid Of Men Eating Vegetables

“Soy-boys,” “carnivore” diets, banning “Meatless Mondays – the meat culture war seems goofy, but some conservatives have spun it into the destruction of American liberty and masculinity.

Tressie McMillan Cottom Ponders The Shape Of America, And The Tragedy That Shaped Her

From her book “Thick” to her definitive writings on Dolly Parton, Tressie McMillan Cottom is a certified genius. Enlightening and entertaining, listen to this episode with Tressie and go deep.

Want To Protect Your Health? Start By Protecting Indigenous LandThey Cleaned Up BP’s Massive Oil Spill. Now They’re Sick – And Want Justice

Thirteen years later, thousands of cleanup workers have experienced chronic health issues – a problem known among local residents as “BP syndrome.” Many others have developed cancer. They’re still waiting for justice – and waiting to be heard.

How I Was Reborn

“After my mother’s death, my father plunged the family into evangelicalism, leaving our Jewish faith behind. What, I wondered, would become of our souls?”

Better Bus Systems Could Slow Climate Change

Cutting down traffic and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process? Enter the solution: the humble bus.

Janelle James On Her Age, Abbott Elementary Future And Sexy Roles

“There’re so many men walking around with confidence that’s unearned. If women do the same, they’re monsters. I’m confident in my abilities, confident that I’m funnier than most people. That’s not even my ego, that’s years in the game.” 

David Choe’s Casting On “Beef” Is Hollywood Nepotism At Its Worst

Beef’s legacy was tainted by cast member David Choe, who graphically bragged and joked about committing rape on a podcast. If the show’s creators didn’t rely on nepotism in choosing Choe, could this controversy have been avoided?

The (Un)holy Gospel Of Suga Free

“After half a century of hard living — near-death experiences, struggles with substance abuse, multiple incarcerations, the shady travails of the record business, the constant stresses of the world’s oldest profession — Suga Free has learned to value simplicity.”

Indigeneity’s Data Dilemma

The federal standard used to count Indigenous peoples using race and ethnicity, but does that work for a people with a political classification?

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