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Godzilla, A Picture Of Our Humanity

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This Week In Mash-Up America

The week of April 6, 2024 was digging through our attics; making waffles; and investigating our influencers.

The Mash-Up Americans:

We’ve got Cowboy Carter on repeat and Beyonce’s got us having all sorts of necessary conversations about racism, like being an outsider on the insidemaking changes within our own bubbles, and helping others be less racist. Queen Bey’s done it again.

Mash-Ups In The News:

Why There’s A Long-Standing Voter Registration Gap For Latinos And Asian Americans

The registration rate of Asian Americans and Latinos have remained among the lowest of the racial and ethnic groups in the US thanks to long-standing barriers — but increased translation services may help change that.

Diaspora Chefs Are Shaping The Future Of American Barbecue

Over the past decade, America’s barbecue culture has gotten an injection from immigrants and second-generation Americans who are incorporating its flavors and techniques into Thai, Mexican, and Pakistani cuisine. Get in our bellies.

Godzilla And The Peculiar Beauties Of Destruction

We love a seemingly silly and unapologetically camp giant monster franchise that also teaches important lessons about humanity. It’s a close look at Godzilla as a metaphor for the consequences of war, aka the “sacred beast of the apocalypse.”

Poor Nations Are Writing A New Handbook For Getting Rich

“The industrialization model — which practically every country that has become rich has relied on — is no longer capable of generating rapid and sustained economic growth.” What we do now remains to be seen.

How Black American Migrants Are Faring In Mexico

Are they thriving? Yes, not quite, and it’s complicated. While it appears anti-Blackness is inescapable, there are some clear benefits to carrying around a blue passport — as long as it’s American, not Haitian.

Middle Names Reveal More Than You Think

What’s in a [middle] name? One writer argues it’s generally “a place for parents to hide their values in plain sight.” We’ve talked about names at length at MUA HQ; revisit our episode with The Baby Name Wizard if you feel curious.

A Quick History Of The Concho Belt

We’ve gotta hand it to Teen Vogue for always taking a pause to educate its impressionable readers about the cultural origins of a returning “trend.” In this case, it’s the Native American history behind the ubiquitous 2000s accessory, back again.

Bryan Stevenson Reclaims The Monument, In The Heart Of The Deep South

The civil-rights attorney is the brains behind the new Freedom Monument Sculpture Park in Montgomery, Alabama, putting the realities of the city’s history of slavery on display in a way never seen before.

Tales Of An Aging Drag Queen

Death drops, 9-inch heels, song lyric memorization, symmetrical eyebrows: These are just some of the challenges facing drag queens as they enter their 30s (gasp) and beyond.

With ‘Cowboy Carter,’ Black Country Music Fans Are Front And Center, At Last

“Though country music as an art form developed from the sounds of Black musicians, the commercial country music industry was explicitly created to court rural, White listeners in the 1920s.” Let’s see how things shake out in 2024.

African And Asian Newcomers Are the New Face Of Migrants In NYC

Central and South American migrants still account for nearly half of new arrivals, but African, Asian, and non-Latin American Europeans make up the other half. And as more Latin Americans venture to the South, businesses like this nimble New York grocery store are following them.

The Rise And Fall Of The Trad Wife

“It’s become an aesthetic, and then it’s become politicized,” said the one-time leader of the movement about its new era. “And then it’s become its own monster.” We shudder.

Fried Chicken Chain Cut Worker Steps By 9,000 A Day To Save Cash

Steps, as in literal footsteps. By making their stores more efficient to improve the flow, Pollo Campero are ensuring faster service, higher order fulfillment, and maybe, employee satisfaction.

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