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This Week In Mash-Up America

The week of March 16, 2024 was the most metal hail of them all, GORILLA HAILhot dogs at bars; reuniting with the Kens; and crying as we pick ourselves back up. Stumbling can be lovely, no? Anyways, this story about goats restored our faith in humanity. 

Speaking of faith in humanity — we always have it. It’s core to the Mash-Up way of life! But sometimes, sometimes, it’s harder to come by than other times. So we’re starting this: A weekly letter to you, about the bits and bobs we’re thinking about, in addition to the stories we’re reading and curating, because connecting with our people is always the best way to remind ourselves of who we are, what we believe in, and why we do all of this (*gesticulates broadly around the room*). 

And what we’re thinking about this week is: travelOur itchy feet. How travel takes us home, and also takes us into a realm of home we have never experienced ourselves, or a home that lives in our DNA, but maybe not in our lived experience. Case in point: Amy is planning her first big trip to Korea with her own kids this spring, and having let go of the idea that she will heal all of her intergenerational diaspora trauma in one spring break, we’re still doing things like looking at a Lonely Planet for the best things to do in Seoul. But – isn’t this supposed to be HOME? Shouldn’t we KNOW? 

Where are you traveling this year? What is it revealing for you? What would you want to explore with MUA when it comes to travel? Write to us: yo@mashupamericans.com.

Much love from Mash-Up HQ, where we conduct all of our obsessive ticket research. Did you know you can book free tickets to Seoul from New York if you have 600,000 Delta miles? We do now! 

Love, A+R

The Mash-Up Americans:

Spring is heeeere! And with it so is Persian New Year. We’re off to make Tannaz’s Orange Almond Cake With Candied Kumquats to celebrate. Nowruz Mobarak!

Mash-Ups In The News:

How To Order Like An Eater Staffer

Turns out Eater staffers think a lot like Mash-Ups when it comes to food ordering, where the only rule is something along the lines of: Share or die. We dig it.

Team Pursues Virtual, Physical Historic Preservation Of Disappearing Black Schools

Rosenwald Schools, established in 1912 and dedicated to educating African American students, have been increasingly demolished or repurposed in Albemarle County. Two architects are trying to preserve the last one standing.

The Naked Vegan Tolstoy Of The Lower East Side

AKA the Ghandi of East Broadway, Moyshe Littauer pioneered the Jewish nudist, vegetarian, back-to-nature movement of the early 1900s. Ultimately unsuccessful and long forgotten, it’s possible he was just ahead of his time.

‘The Shadowless Tower’ Review: Circling Regret In Old Beijing

“Zhang Lu’s quiet film follows a man touched by nostalgia and loss, lending a melancholic air to this modern city of steel and glass.” Sounds beautiful, haunting, and perfect.

What’s The Price Of A Childhood Turned Into Content?

Did you know most child influencers (oof, that term is so cringe) aren’t entitled to a dime of earnings? It’s unfair, but we’d also argue that we should just get all kids offline for good.

The Daily Hunt For Food In Gaza

It’s so bad, and it’s getting worse. “As the war in Gaza enters its sixth month, the risk of famine and starvation is acute. Aid groups have warned that deaths from malnutrition-related causes have only just begun.”

The 16 Most Influential Dragon Ball Episodes

As of publication there are still no comments on this Vulture piece, though surely some of the episodes included in this ranking will spur debate. The iconic franchise turns 40 this year (!).

Most Asian Americans In NYC Adopted Different Behaviors Out Of Fear Of Anti-Asian Hate

“Asian Americans in the city adopted at least one “avoidance behavior,” like not taking public transit or speaking their native tongue.” AAPIs of the younger generation were more likely to have done so.

Why More People Are Buying Houses With Their Friends

It’s a good way to deal with crazy housing prices and avoid loneliness, for starters. Co-ownership rates grew 21.1%, on average, among non-married partners in 2023.

No One’s Children

In this riveting and deeply personal investigative piece by NPR’s Steve Inskeep, he calls for ending the secrecy around adoption — by way of divulging the details of his own.

Women Who Do Strength Training Live Longer. How Much Is Enough?

Let’s stop dieting for PCOS and lift some weights. Our favorite part: “While even small doses of exercise are beneficial for everyone, the data show that women need less exercise than men to get the same gains in longevity.”

Still Relevant: English Learners Show And Tell In The Classroom

One California community college takes inspiration from the cajita project to help students of ESL build confidence and learn through sharing thoughtfully chosen objects. A nice side effect: The connections forged between classmates.

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